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Nebraska Football Practice Report August 16

Head Coach Scott Frost announced a season-ending injury for a lineman and said there’s a battle at punter after today’s practice in Memorial Stadium

Practice was in Memorial Stadium this morning and what a glorious morning that brings us one day closer to Husker football season.

As always, I type these reports as I am listening to the live stream. These are not exact quotes, just my best attempt to capture what I think is important. If you want something clarified, let me know in the comments and I’ll go back and listen to the audio.

Head Coach Scott Frost (HCSF)

On the effort at practice:

I keep expecting a little bit of a letdown practice, but we haven’t had it...that goes back to having guys that love football and love to play...we’ve got some things to clean up but it was good

On today’s practice in the stadium:

[Working on some situational football]...we had some mistakes, some things to clean up...we had a team trying to run out the clock and they let the ball get out of bounds...we had too many penalties...we had a Big Ten crew gives you an idea of how things will be called in games...there was a bunch of penalties, so we have a lot to clean up as team

Yikes, the penalty bug will derail a good offense faster than just about anything else. Let’s hope we don’t see a repeat of last year’s performance in this area.

On injuries:

We held a lot of guys out today...because of little injuries and to be sure we keep guys healthy...10 or 12 guys...I thought the young guys did a good job...we’re going to go about 3 or 4 more days of practice and then start turning our attention to games

On the offensive line:

Coach Austin is a great coach and he’s going to get these guys right...we’ve still got some guys nursing injuries...we’re ahead of where we were last year...starting to see some guys play well at the other two spots [center and guard]

On special teams:

Feel good about our kickers and punters...we’ve got a battle at punter...two guys looked good today...special teams, we’ve got to be better at special teams...I think the guys know that...we’ve got better athletes on the field to get punts and kicks covered...we’ve got those guys]

Punter battle! Coach has officially arrived in the Big Ten!

[elaborating on other ways to improve field position]...defensively, coming up with more three and outs, getting more stops...we want to be a better field position team

On a season-ending knee injury to a senior lineman (backup left tackle):

Christian Gaylord had a knee injury that will keep him out for the year...feel bad for him...other guys have to step up

Gaylord’s injury had been rumored, but is now official. You have to feel terrible for a senior who isn’t even going to get the chance to suit up now.

On Kade Warner:

Kade is one of our favorite guys...comes to work with a smile on his face...knows all the receiver spots...he’s nursing an injury the last few gave the young guys some reps...JD didn’t go, Wan’dale didn’t go...the young guys took advantage

On Miles Jones (redshirt freshman wide receiver):

Miles had a good day today...he got those reps someone else might have gotten...he’s a reflection of the team...across the board, the guys we have are better than a year ago...he’s doing some good things

On the walk-ons:

We’re starting to see the benefits of the walk-on program, I expect it to help us as the years go along...Trent Hixson has a chance to be a starter, Wyatt Mazour is doing some good things...Luke Reimer has caught attention, he’s a little banged up right now, didn’t go today...I don’t want to leave anyone out...that’s the way Nebraska was when I was here and we want to keep that going

On the freshman:

I’ve been really impressed with this freshman class that got here...we had time to identify the guys we wanted, not just the type of players, but the type of people...they’ve been what we thought and in some cases better. They’ve come in and adopted our culture fast...there’s some great kids...we’ve got to see who is ready to play this year...we will be a complete team when we get four or five classes like that here...but we’re pleased with where we’re at

On players standing out:

I think there’s several that will be household names in Nebraska some day...we talk about Adrian Martinez...our backup quarterbacks are playing well. Noah Vedral, Luke McCaffrey, Bunchie is getting better and Matt Masker is playing well

More on Martinez? (I couldn’t hear which QB they asked about, but I think it was Adrian):

We put him in a two minute, four minute situation and a red zone situation...then we took him out...he’s got some things he’s got to improve...he’s had a great camp...we’re better than last year, but we have a long way to go to catch some teams in our league

On Luke McCaffrey:

McCaffrey is understanding the offense...he’s faster than I expected and he throws it really well, he’s also got a knack to make plays when things break down...a little magic we want our quarterbacks to have