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How to Listen And Subscribe to CN Podcasts

We’d like you to subscribe, and to provide more feedback!

I’ve been listening to podcasts for years. I like the variety, the ability to choose the specific content I want to hear. My library includes Voyage to the Stars, Lore, Podcast Ain’t Played Nobody, Freakonomics Radio, The Solid Verbal, and Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History, among others.

I listen in my car, while mowing the lawn, doing household chores, when I want to ignore my family (that’s a lot!)

You may have never listened to one and you may not even know how to start. We’re here to help you with that.

First, you’ll need to pick an application. The CN podcasts are available on a wide variety of platforms. You can use the following links to play our podcasts on any one of the following platforms.

Here’s the list:

Apple Podcasts
Google Play

We’d love your feedback, and even more your interaction. Hang out with us on Social Media.

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MEGAPHONE - Please Subscribe!

There’s a trick about the media player we use in every podcast article. You can use it to subscribe from whichever application you’re using.

We Want You To Subscribe!

Here’s how the media player displays on a regular article.

And here’s what to click to bring up CN podcasts on the app of your choosing.

Regardless if you’re using free services like Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Spotify or paid apps like Overcast or Pocket Casts, subscribing to CN podcasts is easy. We promise to bring you the best analysis of the Huskers in the business, so give podcasts a try if you haven’t already.