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Nebraska Football Practice Report August 14

Quarterback Adrian Martinez and offensive coordinator Troy Walters spoke to the media. Bonus: a tweetcap from the open portion of practice

Jon Johnston

The early part of the practice was open to the media. Here’s your tweetcap

First of all - roll call. Who was practicing and who wasn’t?

It sounds like Noa Kanawai and Wan’dale Robinson got days off to keep them fresh - nothing injury-related. Thompkins has been held out (knee) but it looks like he is progressing in the right direction. I didn’t hear more on Gaylord.

Quarterback Adrian Martinez

First up (on the live stream anyway) was sophomore quarterback Adrian Martinez.

How to deal with expectations (being noticed around campus) and staying grounded

It won’t be too much different than last year for me. School is school. But as far as my supporting teammates...I have them to hold me down

My roommates, Brody Belt, Tate, Barrett Pickering...they’re great...we can wind down, don’t always feel like we’re on the spot

Whew! We know who his roommates are! Now we can make sure announcers get the right people mentioned during broadcasts.

On Luke McCaffrey

He’s a bright young kid with a lot of talent, he’s fast, can throw the will be a process but he will be very good...he’s got a great coach, Coach Verdu...we have a great room

On the offense’s improvement (the defense has been reported to have the upper hand throughout most of camp so far)

We’re starting to bounce at the scrimmage the other day...the defense is playing really well...the d-line looks good, the DBs...I’ve mentioned this before, but they look great, like a whole new group

On the competition in practice

I love it...bring it on

It’s never personal...some guys talk back...if I throw a touchdown, I’m going to talk smack on them too. That’s how it works...

On interceptions (the defense is ramping up their emphasis on them and what he sees)

Knowing the schemes better, they’re playing faster...sometimes it allows them to break the rules, take chances

On having another year to study defenses

Seeing a lot of those pictures, it was the first time...the more you see them, the better you get at dissecting the schemes

Offensive Coordinator Troy Walters

[Update: I missed this live, so I listened to the audio and added a few thoughts after this was originally published]

On the weekend scrimmage (offense)

We did a lot of good things...very competitive...guys got after it...guys made plays on both sides...we got out of it healthy.

Standout players in scrimmage

Jaevon McQuitty did a good job...he keeps progressing...Luke McCaffrey did some good an offense we’re executing at a faster pace and the younger guys are picking it up...we went down on the first three possessions and scored and then the defense shut us down the next three...

On the receivers

I think we’re going to be a pretty good unit...a lot of guys haven’t played a whole I’m putting them in pressure situations, making sure they’re ready to go...going against our defense, that secondary, day in and day out...iron sharpens iron...those guys are making the young guys better, they’re making everybody better.

I think we’re going to be able to play with 7 or 8 guys on the perimeter

On McQuitty - Has the light turned on?

Yes...he understands the offense...last year he wasn’t very confident...he was kind of he goes and makes things happen

On the freshman receivers

We’re throwing a lot at them...the defense is throwing things at them...any time you add new things, it’s challenge...they’re learning the standards we have...the older guys are doing a good job molding them, helping them when they have down moments...we’re excited about their future

On Kanawai Noa and if he is as expected

That’s why we brought him in...he’s a veteran. He’s played, he has experience. Off the field, he’s a pro. He’s a fifth year senior, he acts like an NFL player...he’s done a good job mentoring and tutoring the young guys...he is everything we’ve asked...I’m glad he’s here

On running backs - Does he see Mills and Washington as the 1-2 punch

They’re playing well...Rahmir Johnson is playing well, Brody Belt is playing well. I feel like we got a bunch of running backs that can contribute...we’re going to need them all...we’ll scheme and find roles that fits...all of them are going to be involved.

Mills is downhill...when defenses are tired, he’s going to break some tackles. Mo is Mo, he’s explosive.

We feel good about position