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Nebraska Football #24 in Preseason FanPulse Poll

But, where did Corn Nation voters put the Huskers? (Yum, Kool-Aid)

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McNeese State v Nebraska Photo by Eric Francis/Getty Images

The preseason SBNation college fooball FanPulse poll is out and you, the fans, have spoken! If you haven’t joined the voter-tariat (not really a word) already, you can SIGN UP HERE).

  • Who’s #1? (you know who)
  • Did the voters consider New York TV money? (no, they did not)
  • Where did the red Kool-Aid converge? (Hint: it’s in the headline)

Drum roll please!

Also receiving votes: Washington State, Syracuse, Boise State, Stanford, Army, Virginia, Mississippi State, Oklahoma State, Minnesota

If you want to compare FanPulse to the preseason USA Today Coach’s Poll, you can do that here.

Random Thoughts and Observations

Every fan base had Clemson as their #1 except Alabama and Rutgers.

I don’t know what to make of that either.

Sadly, an orange and black team out west comprised of players-that-used-to-attend-Nebraska did not make the list.

As a whole, those of us representing Corn Nation in the voting agreed with the top 11. We had 12-18 jumbled around a little differently than the overall vote, but had all the same teams there.


If Corn Nation voters were in charge, the Huskers would be #19. Several of you commented that you were going to vote Nebraska higher-than-normal in the preseason poll and you were people of your word.

Pass the Kool-Aid. Everyone’s undefeated right now.