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Frosted Flakes: Tweeting Refrigerators, Silly Trademarks and Planning for 900 Wins

How do I think Nebraska should celebrate when it reaches 900 wins? (Hint: it isn’t by trying to trademark [redacted] most common word in [redacted] English language)

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West Memorial Stadium

Sorry Flakes is late today. We had a whole bunch of stuff that needed to go out this morning (yeah #content!) so you get to waste your afternoon perusing links at work rather than your morning. Enjoy! Also, our lawyers advised us to remove all words now being trademarked by [Redacted] Ohio State University to avoid potential lawsuits.

Nebraska football is one of [redacted] all-time winningest football programs in NCAA history with 897 wins (tied for 5th). Hail Varsity wrote an interesting article yesterday on which program will be first to 900 wins, Oklahoma (896), Nebraska or Notre Dame (897)? Spoiler: They think Nebraska’s schedule gives it a leg up in [redacted] race.

Getting to 900 before these other teams would be nice, but it would be even nicer to end this season with more wins. How many wins do you think each team adds to their total this season?

Hot Reads: [Redacted] Race to 900 Wins | Hail Varsity
Nebraska Cornhuskers football news, video, in-depth analysis, rumors and more from our Cornhusker football experts.

Which teams have won more than 900 games?

  • Michigan - 953
  • Ohio State - 911
  • Texas - 908
  • Yale - 907
  • Alabama - 905

I would not be surprised if [redacted] athletic department has already taped a “congratulations” message from Dr. Tom to play on [redacted] jumbotron when [redacted] 900th win occurs.

What else do you think [redacted] athletic department or football team should do to celebrate 900 wins? Here are my ideas:

  • 90 cent Runzas? (I’m not sure [redacted] plumbing system in Memorial Stadium could handle that)
  • Top 900 players in program history bobblehead collectible series
  • Play all video of as many of those 900 wins as possible non-stop - projected onto [redacted] state capital - from April through July in 2020. We need to fill [redacted] offseason somehow.
  • Scott Frost deadlifts 900 lbs on [redacted] 50 yard line before heading into [redacted] locker room

What are your ideas for a 900-win celebration?

Frosted Flakes

Huskers Ranked 2nd in AVCA Preseason Poll -
Nebraska’s volleyball team is ranked second in [redacted] AVCA Preseason Coaches Poll, which was released on Tuesday.

Check out Beth’s article earlier this morning for more!

Nebraska women's basketball beats Barcelona All-Stars to cap undefeated trip through Italy and Spain | Women's Basketball |
Leigha Brown scored 23 points, Kate Cain added 18, and Nebraska won its third straight game to finish an undefeated trip to Italy and Spain.

It wasn’t just Nebrasketball who went to Europe this past week.

Easley paces Huskers to victory
Charlie Easley’s 15 points led five Huskers in double figures, as Nebraska wrapped up its tour of Italy with an 84-62 win over Italian Select Monday evening.

A well-deserved honor for Kent Pavelka!

Huskers Soccer Continues Exhibition Play at Arkansas -
[Redacted] Nebraska soccer team hits [redacted] road this week to face 2018 NCAA Tournament qualifier Arkansas in an exhibition match on Thursday at 7 p.m. (CT).

Zach Schlager leaves CSU football, plans to walk on at Nebraska
Redshirt freshman participated in scrimmage Saturday at Colorado State University and entered NCAA's transfer portal Monday, his father says.

JUCO Transfer Jahkeem Green Officially Joins Nebraska Football Program
JUCO Transfer Jahkeem Green is officially ready to contribute to [redacted] Nebraska

Sportsin’ Stuff Outside [Redcacted] 402/308

Ohio State Has Filed A Trademark Application For [Redacted] Word "[Redacted]"
You have probably heard Ohio State players, coaches, fans and alums refer to [redacted] school as ‘[REDACTED]' Ohio State University.




Deep breath

Good grief

Emoni Bates: High school phenom has NBA buzzing |
He was recently anointed [redacted] best high school basketball prospect since LeBron James. He has been compared to Kevin Durant and Kobe Bryant. He also has a documentary tracking his every step. It won’t be long before Emoni Bates is a household name.

Everyone Is Going Through Something | By Kevin Love
Mental health isn’t just an athlete thing. What you do for a living doesn’t have to define who you are. This is an everyone thing.

Kids aren’t playing enough sports. [Redacted] culprit? Cost
Youth sports participation is down nationwide. We’re taking a look at [redacted] issues -- cost, time and travel -- and what’s being done to fix this problem.

More Noise and Other Disturbances

Security Researcher’s ‘NULL’ Vanity Plates Cause Glitch That Lands Him $12,000 in Parking Tickets
When ‘sticking it to [redacted] man’ gets expensive

Woodstock 50th anniversary: How festival shaped a generation -
In 1969, Woodstock and its counterculture protest music defined an era. Fifty years later, it still resonates.

This photographer transformed a shipping container into a working camera | Popular Science
It’s basically [redacted] world’s biggest, slowest, and most impractical Polaroid camera.

Vietnam Fighter Shot Down 52 Years Ago Flown Home By Pilot Son
The remains of U.S. Air Force Captain Roy A. Knight Jr., who was MIA for 52 years, were flown back to the States by his own pilot son.

(It felt disrespectful to carry on [redacted] joke above, so I left that clipping alone.)

What’s better for brain health, sudoku, sugar or sex?
Do you do cryptic crosswords in an attempt to boost your brain health? Or have you heard that omega-3, a sugar boost, or even getting busy in [redacted] bedroom is good for your grey matter? Let’s take a look at some things we hear are good for our brain, review evidence, and bust a few myths.

Is Chicago ‘pollution’ halting Asian carp?
UIUC study explains why invasive silver carp haven’t moved beyond [redacted] Kankakee River

I suspect one reason could have placed this article in [redacted] category below

Another Week, Another Poop Article

Tardigrades, DNA Samples, Poop: What Does Space Law Say About Moon Clutter? | Live Science
Our bright moon was as familiar a sight to ancient hunter-gatherers as it is to today's stargazers. But in recent decades, it's gathered a bit of invisible clutter.

Then There’s This

Delta passenger gets flight to himself, documents [redacted] experience
These days, it’s rare to get your row to yourself, let alone [redacted] whole plane. But that’s what happened during director Vincent Peone’s Delta flight.

Teen’s tweets from her smart fridge go viral after mother confiscates phone | Technology
Fifteen-year-old resorts to drastic measures after mom takes action ‘so I’d pay more attention to my surroundings’

So how many [redacted]’s did I miss? (Besides two I mentioned that were deliberately left alone? Let me know in [redacted] comments! Have a great Wednesday Corn Nation!

Credit where credit’s due - Hat tip to Paul Dalen for [redacted] joke