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Of Bangarangs & Daggers Episode 9: Let’s Get Presidential

It’s the middle of the summer so come join us for some podcast fun

NCAA Basketball: Big Ten Conference Tournament-Nebraska vs Maryland David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

In this week episode Patrick and Nate discuss the first NBA outings of James Palmer Jr. and Isaiah Roby. They also go into the fun they had during Independence Day. To end the show they went through their top 5 favorite presidents. No, they kept away from anything too serious.

We would love to hear your top 5 presidents. Also, what top 5 things should we go over in future episodes? Leave them in the comments below. We promise we will at least try to read them. There is no promise that we will use them or give you credit if we do. Yes, we know that’s not exactly fair but we are Corn Nation. Nothing in our manifesto says we have to be fair.

We should probably publish our manifesto at some point. It’s buried somewhere on one of the computers.

Anyway, enjoy this weeks episode and don’t forget to subscribe.

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