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Frosted Flakes: Where is the Most Beautiful Campus in the Country?

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Providence, RI Photo by Lane Turner/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

Greetings from Medellin, Colombia yet again. I’m still here until next week as I continue to plug away at improving my Spanish and Salsa Dancing here in the ‘City of Eternal Spring.’ However, instead of talking about Colombia (stayed tuned for next week) this week I want to talk about college campuses.

One of the things I have enjoyed doing throughout my travels is wandering through the campuses of colleges and universities. Most campus have their own unique style whether it is different shades of green, the architecture of each building or the secluded areas which offer a break from hustle and bustle of your studies.

As a student, I appreciated the beauty of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln campus and thought it never got as much credit as it deserved. I actually thought the campus looked its finest right after a snowstorm with the white snow hugging the tree branches giving it a more cozy and homely appearance.

Below are a few pictures that give a little taste of the different campuses I explored during my travels. Out of all the US college campuses I have visited, the one that stands out for me is Brown University located in the heart of Providence, Rhode Island. Feel free to share in the comment section which College or University in the US or around the world stood out to you for its beauty. Anyways..onto Flakes.

Frosted Flakes

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