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Big Ten Media Days Recap - Day 2

Who is bigger, faster, stronger and has better chemistry and energy than ever? EVERYONE! (Except Rutgers)

NCAA Football: Michigan Spring Game Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

It was an early start this morning as Iowa’s Kirk Fertenz took the podium at 8 am (central). Here’s some highlights from the seven coaches who spoke today.

Kirk Ferentz - Iowa

On what change he would make if given a magic wand:

Would like to slow down recruiting. Also wants to grind football viewing pleasure to a fine dust.

I may have made up the second part.

I believe this is the motto for the entire B1G West this season.

Woah, let’s not get crazy coach. I believe NCAA and CLARITY are considered antonyms.

Jeff Brohm - Purdue

I knew Purdue was a young team, but this

James Franklin - Penn State

/brings punter to B1G Media Days

//Big Ten assimilation complete

Pat Fitzgerald - Northwestern

Paul Chryst - Wisconsin

Believe it or not, a star player is growing and developing as a leader over the summer!!

On whether players like Jonathan Taylor, especially running backs, should be allowed to leave college before the three year requirement (Sam McEwon, OWH)

“If you look at the large scope of it, they’re going to need time to prepare themselves not only physically but mentally.”

Chris Ash - Rutgers

Start off by sucking up to the media. “Thank you for all you do for college football.”


On how to get better... “I believe more games are lost than are won...we have to learn how to not lose games”.

First - I have to consult with our resident statistician Paul, but I believe the ratio is actually 50:50 in the win:lose department...

(OK, he was talking about fundamentals and “little things”, but it was still funny).

Woohoo! A poll!

His segment ended 5 minutes early (according to my clock, but the streaming delay may have actually been such that it was earlier) due to lack of questions.

Fortunately Nate Rohr has plenty of “how terrible was Rutgers on offense last year” statistics to recite to fill the time on the live stream before Harbaugh takes the stage.

Jim Harbaugh - Michigan

When asked “The Big Ten has missed two playoffs, what’s wrong?”

Harbaugh: “Can I drop the mic?”

Something something “anaconda”, “gotta squeeze tighter” something “that’s where our team is now”.

Peak Harbaugh unlocked.

Mentions every (at least it seemed like it) member of his coaching staff, including a shoutout to his son Jay, and how awesome they are and how great a place the staff is in.

Asked about his Urban Meyer comment (something about how trouble follows wherever Urban goes) and whether he has context or regrets:

This is actually interesting

If have other HOT TAEKS from media days, throw them in the comments below!