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The Best Tweets From Big Ten Media Days #1!

There were coaches interviewed, and Jim Delany had his last hurrah....

Nebraska v Iowa Photo by Matthew Holst/Getty Images

Jim Delany makes his final Big Ten Media Days as commissioner. He retires June 2020. Our overlord has done an excellent job of providing Big Ten schools with plenty of money with which to compete. Resources aren’t a problem.

And now, we give you the tweets of today’s Big Ten Media Days along with snarky comments.

I’d say the biggest mistakes of the 70s were allowing both disco and Bread (the band) to continue on as long as they did, but that’s just me.

I find this odd. An injury report is widely purported to exist because of gambling. Why would Jim Delany want to push this? It would be horribly abused in college. Do you really trust Nick Saban to tell you which of his players are injured before a game? Urban Meyer? Scott Frost?

Excuse making. I can see his point, but the fact is, you need to play better football. This conference needs to get better.

Because everyone else besides the SEC is essentially broke by comparison. When you can buy the best coaches, you’re going to win. When we start paying players and every other conference can’t keep up besides the SEC (who’s already paying players), then you’re going to win. Jim is smart.

The best response I saw on this was the guy who replied to my re-tweet, stating

In other words, players are going to have to sue their way there. This will not only take years, but cost millions of dollars. It’s basically like saying, “Oh, you’re going to sue Facebook?” HAHAHAHHAHAHA WE BOUGHT ALL THE LAWYERS ON EARTH ALREADY.

Some Guy I Don’t Know Makes An Observation

What the hell....

When Dennis Dodd can’t even spell his name right after 20 years....

Francois M.... I’m not spelling that

Lovie Smith!

There were many tweets about Lovie’s beard.

Meteors come out of nowhere. Then they burn up quickly before ever striking the earth’s atmosphere.

Scott Frost!

This sounds somewhat stalkerish.


He won’t compare UCF and Nebraska! Does that mean we should do it for him? Or does it mean we should stop doing it at all. I am so confused!!!!!

Translation: We are no longer the big, doughy, smushy, slow lard-asses whom that shithead Mike Riley left behind when he was fired.

Translation: The success of this season relies almost entirely on this guy staying healthy. That’s rather terrifying.

Mark Dantonio!

Can you imagine being the person who has to explain all this web site sorcery to Mark Dantonio? I hope that person gets paid very well.

Remember when everything about Michigan State was DISRESPEKT. Those were the days.....

That Guy Who Coaches Indiana!

His name is Tom Allen! I’m sure he’s a nice guy.

Mack Brown - He’s at North Carolina again!

It’s not the Big Ten conference, but... this is worth a mention. MACK BROWN THOUGHT THE MEDIA WAS OUT TO GET HIM. Do I have to explain why this is so unbelievably funny?


Consider what happened to Minnesota last year. They got destroyed by our beloved Huskers. Then they got destroyed by Illinois. Fleck fires his defensive coordinator, and they have a pretty good rest of the season, destroying Wisconsin and winning back the axe.

I would not rule them out in the West.

This is great stuff. I mean... if we didn’t have PJ Fleck, what would this conference do? We’d be bored out of our minds.

As I said.


Some guy named Locksley

He coaches for Maryland.

I have horrifying dreams in which I’m always being killed or killing something none of which are as bad as wanting to be head coach at Maryland.

I’m not going to look up the history of Maryland football..... Okay, fine. Mid-80s, Bobby Ross. They were pretty good then. Then you had Ralph Friedgen 2001-2010. Did well, but couldn’t sustain success over time.

“Giant”? No. Pretty good? Yes.

Ryan Day!!!!

Ryan Day is going to be the Big Ten’s new robot coach. You can go through the transcripts and you will find that he is... well, an Urban Meyer/Nick Saban clone.

Blaha ablaablah blaahahahahahah. Seriously.... he could have had another person read a statement.

This needs no explanation.

Scott Frost Again!

It is clearly up to the sports departments to save Nebraska’s newspapers.

There is the update you’re looking for regarding Maurice Washington.

He says all this without saying the words “RIVAL” or “RIVALRY”. Amazing.

This is why I’m picking Minnesota to win the Big Ten West.

And that’s it for now!!!!