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Friday Flakes: Isaiah Roby is Officially a Dallas Maverick and Depression/Addiction

Come on in while it’s hot.

Eldorado Resorts Acquires Caesars Entertainment For $17.3 Billion Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

One of the more entertaining things to watch on NBA Draft night were all the people confused about who actually drafted Isaiah Roby.

Was it the Pistons? Or was it the Mavericks? Maybe even the Knicks!

So this is what happened: The Pistons actually owed the 45th pick in the NBA Draft. However, they must have wanted some kid named Deividas Sirvydis because the Pistons moved up to the 37th pick which was owned by the Dallas Mavericks.

The Pistons in return sent two future second round picks to the Mavericks as well as the 45th pick in this past draft. That 45th pick turned into the first Nebraska basketball player drafted by an NBA team in 20 years.

However, because we do not yet have the technology and because of league rules the NBA had to announce that it was in face the Pistons who drafted Isaiah Roby. In fact, the Dallas Mavericks could not even talk about their draft pick until last night I guess.

Congrats to Isaiah Roby! Hopefully is the first in many more to come over the next decade.

Our Trip to Las Vegas

I can now say that I attended a wedding on the roof of a hotel in Las Vegas.

Last week I wrote asking for suggestions for places to eat and drink in Las Vegas. In that article I said I was going in a few weeks. Well since I’ve heard you should not let people know when you are out of town (or else bad people might rob your house), my wife and I actually went this past weekend.

Sneaky. I know.

The wife and I went to Las Vegas for a friend’s wedding. I have known her since she was probably “yay high.” In fact, a funny story to tell is that we were neighbors growing up. My friends and I would play on my basketball court. My friend who just got married would occasionally come over and ask to play with us. We always said no, except for a few times where we played “21.” We obviously didn’t think she was any good.

Well she ended up getting a full-ride scholarship to play basketball at Nebraska.

Safe to say that we did not get full-ride scholarship offers to play at a Division-1 school. She won. Egg on our face eh?

So I asked for suggestions and boy did I get some. There were many in the comments. I received many emails, and we even got one on facebook.

Unfortunately, however is that we didn’t make it off of the strip except for the wedding. Most of the suggestions were off the strip, particularly Fremont Street. Our plan however was to go the last night. It didn’t happen as everybody was still exhausted from the wedding night.

So thanks for all of those suggestions, but I failed to follow through.

Except for one of them. One of our readers suggested a brunch buffet at Wicked Spoon which is in the Cosmopolitan. It is $36 for a buffet and it was worth it. Everything was really good and not only did they have breakfast items but they had pretty much anything else.

Thanks for the suggestions!

Those Who Suffer or Know Somebody Who Suffers from Depression and/or Addiction

Watch this.

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