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Movie Night With Corn Nation: Step Brothers

The year of “the kick.”

The 2008 Nebraska Football Season

All hail, the arrival of Bo Pelini, he who would save us from the West Coast offense and bring back some semblance of defense! That what the 2008 season promised Husker fans, and given the season of hell before, it was a pretty good turnaround.

The season started well enough as Nebraska went 3-0 against lackluster competition. Things turned for the worse when our beloved Huskers lost their next three games. The first loss was a 35-30 disappointment to Virginia Tech in Memorial Stadium. The Hokies had a 28-10 lead with one minute left in the third quarter when the Huskers started their rally. It was 35-23 when Joe Ganz hit Todd Peterson with under two minutes left. Virginia Tech couldn’t run out the clock, and Ganz got the ball on the 10 with 25 seconds left. He hit two passes to Niles Paul and Peterson for a combined 46 yards, but Peterson fumbled on his reception and that was the game.

The next loss came against #4 Mizzou and Chase Daniel. The Tigers blasted our beloved Huskers 52-17. It was a horrible, one-sided ass kicking. Missouri never had to punt. It was the first home loss to Missouri since 1978. As it turns out, Missouri didn’t capitalize much on having a good team. The next week they lost to Oklahoma State, the week after that, Texas. They’d lose to rival Kansas, then in the Big 12 championship game to Oklahoma. They won the Alamo Bowl against Northwestern and ended up #16 and #19 in the Coaches and AP poll, respectively.

#7 Texas Tech was the the third loss in the streak, a 37-31 overtime loss in Lubbock. Things looked bad for a while, but our beloved Huskers scored 21 points in the third quarter, as Peterson caught a touchdown pass with :29 seconds left to send the game to overtime. Tech missed the extra point on their overtime touchdown which gave our beloved Huskers an opening to win, but Ganz threw an interception on the ensuing possession to seal the loss.

The Oklahoma game.... Nebraska was down 35-0 after the first quarter. Enough said.

The highlight of the season was the Colorado game. The Buffs had beaten Nebraska the previous season, knocking them from a bowl game (as if that mattered, given the debacle that was 2007 Nebraska football), so the 2008 game was met with tremendous expectations.

The Buffs jumped out to a 14-0 lead. Nebraska roared back, leading 24-17 just before the half. Nebraska tried a field goal to extend their lead. NO! It’s a fake! Holder Jake Wesch flips the ball in the air for Alex Henery to catch and throw, but CU’s Jimmy Smith picks the damned thing off and runs 58 yards for a touchdown tying the game. They’d run the same fake successfully earlier in the season, so Colorado had to know it was coming.

Nebraska trailed 31-30 late in the fourth. Joe Ganz is driving our beloved Huskers, but he takes a SACK setting up a 4th and 25 from the Colorado 40-yard line. Alex Henery is sent onto the field to attempt a 57-yard field goal, which is considered beyond his range.

The kick barely goes over the cross bar, but when it does, and the officials signal it good, Memorial Stadium goes batshit insane. There’s still 1:50 left in the game, but Nebraska has the lead AND the momentum. Good MAY triumph over evil, but Nebraska’s defense which couldn’t stop melted butter the year before has to rise to the occasion.

And boy howdy, how they do!

Ndamukong Suh intercepts a Cody Hawkin’s pass at the line and returns it 30 yards for a touchdown. Suh runs over Hawkins on his way to the score, punctuating that YES, TODAY GOOD WILL TRIUMPH OVER EVIL!

Nebraska goes on to beat Clemson 26-21 in the Gator Bowl. Our beloved Huskers finish the season 9-4. Nebraska is unranked, but everyone feels that things are going in the right direction.

There wasn’t nearly as much profanity in the Johnston household in 2008 as there was in 2007. CornNation was still trying establish itself as a site to go to for game threads.

Jon: One of the few Will Ferrell movies I’ve enjoyed. It’s stupid, as are all Ferrell movies, but John C. Reilly and Ferrell play off each other extremely well. The premise is funny. Most of the jokes are funny. The timing is good.

Unfortunately, Ferrell seems a lot like Adam Sandler these days - that he’s used up whatever creativity he might have had and doesn’t have the breadth to make anything else beyond stupid comedy. Either that, or they’ve both gotten fat, rich, and lazy.

Comedies today are suffering all around.

Get this bit from Hollywood Reporter that comedy movies are a dying breed.

‘Late Night’ and the Decline of Comedy at the Box Office: Is Netflix Really to Blame?

One factor is Netflix, argues writer-producer Ed Decter (There’s Something About Mary). The streamer has signed big names, including Adam Sandler, whom it booked in 2014 for a four-film deal reportedly worth $30 million to $40 million, adding four titles in 2017.

My first thought is, “Typical Hollywood guy, blaming Netflix for his lack of creativity.”

When you stop and think about it, though, there are a massive amount of comedy specials on Netflix right now. I enjoy the stand ups. I imagine the production costs are a mere fragment of what it would take to come up with a plot for a movie, write it, then have a guy who does stand up try to act in a movie.

More from that article:

Even a comedy superstar like Will Ferrell has had trouble getting movies made. “It’s becoming a little finicky,” he told the podcast Armchair Expert in early June. “I’ve recently come across things where I thought, ‘Boy, what a great idea,’ and went around town and everyone just went, ‘Nope.’ “

Perhaps that’s because everything he’s done lately has been a bucket of shit. I saw people online talking about “Homes And Watson” and saying that they walked out because it was that bloody awful. I’m not going to bother watching Ferrell when there are a ton of other options.

There’s a new movie on Netflix - “Murder Mystery” - with Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston. The chances I watch that are damned close to none because of Sandler.

The best thing Ferrell has done since “Step Brothers” is “The Lego Movie”, which was wonderful fun. He didn’t write it. Maybe there’s a clue to Ferrell’s future success.

Patrick: It seems that you are either a Will Ferrell fan or not. That pretty much sums up if you like this movie or not. This is a straight up stupid funny movie. I’m a Ferrell fan so I liked it.

Also, Will’s character singing Por ti Volaré is epic.

The F#&@ing Catalina Wine Mixer!!!

Nate M: I actually like Will Ferrell in some of his movies. I think his descent downhill probably started with this movie.

I’ve never actually watched the entire movie all the way through, but I think I get the gist of the movie. The gist smells like dog poop. Hopefully we get some decent movies coming up in the next couple of weeks.

Greg: I have such disdain for this movie that I consider it one of the most overrated movies of our time. But I can see why it has such wide appeal. Puts on my old man glasses, instinctively moves them to the tip of my nose so as to look over the rims. It’s about two adults who are incapable of growing up and moving out of their parents’ homes, who are immature and just plain dumb, and until they are absolutely forced to evolve past their spoiled adolescent behavior, don’t progress as characters at all.

I think the problem with Will Ferrell movies, by and large, are that the writers try to squeeze any semblance of humor they can out of each line of dialogue. In essence, they are trying too hard and, in my opinion, it comes across like a fart in church. And that’s coming from someone who tries too hard to be entertaining. The only redeemable part of Step Brothers is the Catalina Wine Mixer. Send your hate tweets to @thehooch36 or @5heartpodcast.

Now if you want a good Will Ferrell movie (I get it - it’s all subjective), I recommend Stranger Than Fiction (2006) or Everything Must Go (2010).

Evan W: You’re doing yourself a disservice if you ever watch the TV version of this movie. It cuts out so many hilarious jokes. I’ve seen this movie so many times I can recite certain parts. This is a must see classic in my eyes. This movie was during Will Ferrell’s prime, which he certainly isn't in anymore. Combine Will Ferrell in his prime with John C. Reilly and the movie is instantly hilarious and an all-timer in my eyes.

One of my favorite parts of this movie is when we are first introduced to Derek.

It’s not the funniest part of the movie, but it introduced a character that both Brennan (Will Ferrell) and Dale (John C. Reilly) hate. It brought conflict to the movie that ended up bringing Brennan and Dale closer, who had previously hated each other.

Brennan and Dale are complete idiots, and it’s amazing to watch. I won’t spoil anything because if you haven’t watched this movie I won’t do it justice. Take an hour and 45 minutes out of your day when you have a chance and watch this movie. You won’t regret it. Just like you won’t regret investing!



Next week we’ll be watching another amazing movie, “Zombieland.” If you haven’t seen this movie you should definitely give it a shot because “Zombieland: Double Tap” is coming out this year on October 11. Also let us know your thoughts on Step Brothers, please help me prove to Nate that this is one of the greatest movies of all time.