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Frosted Flakes: Best Anniversary Gift Ever

Some stories about chainsaws and knives. Don’t worry, everyone lives, even the alligator.

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Tomorrow is Ranchdude’s and my anniversary. I already got my present and he outdid himself this year.

I got a new chainsaw. I love it.

Even better, it is an electric chainsaw. No messing with the pull cord or gas cans.

I have a brother-in-law who sells tools and he recommended it. In the past, electric chainsaws were pretty bad, mostly because of the battery technology. My brother-in-law is also a volunteer firefighter in the Black Hills and has been watching the tech evolve and let us know it was time to make the switch. I’ve used my present already for several hours and haven’t charged the battery yet. As a matter of fact, it looks like I’m going to have to refill the chain bar oil reservoir before I charge the battery.

All those *&%#@ cedar trees growing in the fenceline better watch out. (Mulberries too).

What’s the best (or worst) anniversary present you ever received from your spouse?

Frosted Flakes

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Then There’s This

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