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Hoiberg Flakes: Alex Gordon & Jordan Burroughs Lead Today’s Breakfast

Husker Legends lead today’s flakes

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Fred Hoiberg #20
This guy doesn’t age

This Friday is the first day of summer. I don’t know about you but it feels like spring just got here a couple of weeks ago.

Not sure where many of the readers of this site live but here on the Great Plains there has been little relief from the past winter. It hasn’t been bad, don’t get me wrong. These warmish days and cool night are nice. But at some point it’s going to get scorching hot, right?

I mean, this can’t last forever. If anything look at it this way. The crops that are in the ground, if you were luck to get them in the ground, are still coming up and have yet to really establish themselves.

There use to be an old saying regarding corn that goes “knee high by the 4th of July”. That saying has long since been realistic. Now a day’s it’s usually 6’ tall by the 4th. This year, we will be luck to see some of these stalks up to your knees.

We need some heat folks. Hopefully sooner than later...if at all.

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