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Movie Night With Corn Nation: Super Bad

Superbad. Is it a movie title or a description?

The 2007 Nebraska football season

There has been a fair amount written about the 2007 Nebraska football team on this website. It was the worst season in school history. One could argue that Scott Frost debut 0 – 6 start was worse (at least in terms of record), but at least Frost was in his first season and there was a general feeling of hope at the end as to where the Nebraska program is headed. 2007 was a season in which hope died.

Rather than rehash all of it and I’ll provide you with some links to earlier articles.

The 2007 Nebraska Football Season: Booing, Big Holes, and Broken Hopes

During the month of October, Husker fans booed.

A lot.

People across the state argued; was it okay to boo the team?

Doomed to Failure: The Bill Callahan ClusterFool

Not that some signs weren’t apparent all along, but not everyone recognized them. Some couldn’t see them, some didn’t want to see them, some ignored them and hoped that they weren’t as bad as they seemed, and some just denied that there was anything wrong in Lincoln.

2007 - Good Bye And Good Riddance To A Sucky Year

2007, I take great pleasure in burying thee, you year of great suckage. If ever there is a time machine invented, you’re one of the last dead years I’m coming back to see.

I’d like to bring up the 2007 Nebraska – Texas game because it might be the stupidest football game I’ve ever seen. I don’t mean “stupid” as in “fun” as in last season’s Cheez-It bowl where nobody could score and there were nine interceptions. I mean “stupid” as in incompetent coaching on both sides of the ball.

It was clear by then that Nebraska defensive coordinator Kevin Cosgrove could not defend against the spread offense to save his life. To say defense was terrible would be generous. To get an idea of how bad they were, take a look at this article I did about the holes in our defense. When you can tell a story with pictures, you don’t need many words.

Nebraska led Texas for three quarters. For some inexplicable reason, the Longhorns tried to throw the ball. I was dumbfounded at Texas game plan. Could it be possible there was another coaching staff more obtuse that ours? These are professionals being paid hundreds of thousands of dollars per year (with now some in the millions) and they’re incapable of coaching against their opponent’s weakness? Where do I get a job like this?

Maybe a loud guy in the stands could have warned the Texas coaches, “Hey, run the ball. They can’t tackle. Can’t defend the run. Maybe run the ball. They suck at it. Maybe you should run a zone read or something.”

One guy could have had such influence. It wasn’t as if I were angry at Texas for losing at that point, just at a loss for words.

Texas started running the ball because of fate, not coaching genius. Quarterback Colt McCoy left the game due to an injury. John Chiles came in and ran a zone read, handing off to Jamaal Charles. The play went for 24 yards. The light bulb went on. Charles ran for 216 of his 290 yards in the fourth quarter. He scored on touchdowns of 25, 86, and 40 yards as Texas won (again) 28-25.

Light bulbs never came on for the Nebraska coaching staff because they never had any to begin with.

If you know anything about Nebraska football, you know the rest of the story. That one son of a bitch who thought someday Nebraska would build the statute to him was fired by Tom Osborne. Bill Callahan and his coaching staff were fired. I said more profane, vulgar things in one season than I have in any other year of my life. I had three children and I never worried about them learning bad words from other people. (they’ve grown up to be decent human beings, largely due to their angelic mother).



I tried to watch it again. I mentioned to Evan that I was having a hard time watching it, and he stated, “Don’t be get off my lawn guy, Jon”. Somehow I don’t think I in its target market… but that’s not it exactly. It was because I hated the main characters. I want to run over Jonah Hill with a car. The first time it happens is just a tap. The police car collision was much better. He still got up, though.

This would have been much better.

Michael Cera is the de facto awkward hipster dude. There’s something about him that makes me want to punch him in the face.His other movies haven’t been bad. I didn’t hate him in “Scott Pilgrim”, which was decent. This movie is just dumb all around. The police officers weren’t funny. The only saving grace in this movie was McLovin.

There were other great movies in 2007. “There Will Be Blood”, “No Country for Old Men”, “American Gangster”… how ‘bout “3:10 to Yuma”? Even the cheesy “I am Legend” was fun.

Nate M: I do not get into comedies as much as most of my friends. However, if I like a comedy then I probably end up loving it. There appears to be no middle ground.

In this case, when it comes to Super Bad. I thought it was super bad.

(Stands up like George Costanza after telling a joke that hits, and leaves the room)

Evan W: “Superbad” is the opposite of the title. I find this movie a classic from my formative years in junior high. I remember watching this movie the first time in like seventh grade hoping my parents didn’t find out that I watched an R-rated movie. As an adult I completely understand why you wouldn’t want a 12-year old watching this movie (sorry for disobeying you mom and dad, I love you).

Jonah Hill is a great actor and it was funny to see him in such a young role. I love comedies so a weak storyline doesn’t really bother me. What bothers me is when the movie has a weak storyline and I didn’t laugh the entire movie. That wasn’t the case for “Superbad.” Yeah, the story was pretty basic, but I laughed a ton throughout the movie. If I thought this movie was hilarious in seventh grade does that make me an extremely immature adult, or does this movie just stand the test of time?

Next week we will be reviewing the best comedy ever made. It’s also the best comedy ever made, and we can fight if you don’t agree with me. This movie came out in 2008, and it was released in Will Ferrel’s prime (before he became washed like he is in 2019). Ladies and gentlemen, we’ll be reviewing “Step-Brothers.” I’ll probably end up watching it three times before the article publishes because it beats working on calculus homework.