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Of Bangarangs & Daggers - Episode 6: Fred Hoiberg vs. Juwan Howard

Did Nebraska make a better BASKETBALL hire than Michigan?

Charlotte Hornets v Chicago Bulls Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

On the sixth episode of our weekly podcast we put forward a conspiracy theory.

Is Iowa or Northwestern to blame for Maurice Washington and Wandale Robinson’s recent run-ins with the law? It is possible.

However, then we are reminded that we are a basketball podcast and conspiracy theories can be left for those OTHER podcasts that cover Nebraska Football.

Turning to basketball we cover five new rules passed by the NCAA which are some pretty important changes to this coming year’s basketball season.

Then change topics to the heart of the matter. Hoiberg vs. Howard. Nebraska vs. Michigan. Good vs. Evil.

Did Nebraska swing for the fences and get their guy while Michigan settled?

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