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Frosted Flakes: On The Road Again

Off to Miami!

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Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

My time in Mexico is finished for now. Today I am flying back to Miami to attend my younger brother’s medical school graduation. It’s a year since I have seen him in person so I am looking forward to spending some time with him and other family members I have seen in a while.

Since we’re on the topic of flying feel free to share in the comments what your worse flight delay/airport experience.

The first one I can think of was just a domino effect. Delayed flight from Lincoln to Denver meant I just missed my connecting flight to Calgary, Alberta (the plane was still at the gate but the doors were closed). Because I took a later flight out of Denver, I ended up missing the last flight of the day to Lethbridge which means I had to sleep by the airport floor next to the check-in desk where I grabbed a new ticket for the first morning flight home. It was more a combination bad luck than a bad experience.

My brother just finished up traveling himself with a few of his medical school buddies through Portugal, Spain and Ireland before returning to Miami and quickly heading west to embark on an epic road trip through National Parks in Utah, Arizona and California. I am sure we will be going on a trip together sometime in the near future.

After Miami, I will be starting an epic summer trip of my own. Stay tuned to see where I will be heading next (if you are anxious to know, you can keep up with my stories on Instagram). Anyways...onto Flakes.

Frosted Flakes

Nebrasketball: Harris, Davis to enter NCAA Transfer Portal | Basketball | Corn Nation |

Spring is still here and the Nebraska men’s basketball squad is still in flux in regards to who will be playing under new coach Fred Hoiberg and who will not. Last week it was Brady Heiman. This week two more players from his class will no longer be on the team.

Taking Stock of Nebraska’s Defense Heading Into the Summer | Football | Hail Varsity |

The spring semester at Nebraska is officially in the books and the latest wave of departures from the football program appears to have settled down. With that being the case, now is a perfect time to take stock of where the roster stands heading into the summer.

As Revelle fights through injury, Huskers look to fight to finish in Big Ten Tourney | Softball | Lincoln Journal Star |

The Huskers must win the conference tournament to avoid missing the NCAA Tournament for a third straight year. Revelle said the Huskers are loose heading into Bloomington.

Huskers four Incoming DBs will ramp up an already ‘hectic’ competition in secondary | Football | Lincoln Journal Star |

Head coach Scott Frost lauded the defensive backs for their work in the winter conditioning program. Secondary coach Travis Fisher’s excitement was evident throughout the spring, and offensive players and coaches noticed the difference, too.

Jahkeem Green’s long and winding road from South Carolina to the Huskers is almost complete | Football | Lincoln Journal Star |

The unglamorous final chapter of Jahkeem Green’s decidedly unglamorous journey from Sumter, South Carolina, to Power Five conference football is taking place here, in a place he never expected to be as he prepares to play for a school he never expected to attend.

NCAA releases Nebraska’s APR scores; Huskers trim football roster | Football | Omaha World Herald |

The Husker football program’s APR was 977 for the 2017-18 academic year. That includes the final season of Riley and the first five months of coach Scott Frost’s tenure. In 2016-17, it was 980. Nebraska’s 5-7 football team was able to qualify for a bowl during the 2015 season because of its APR score of 985.

Twitter Stuff

Sneaking this one in here because it’s impressive!

The answer is 9. I’m not sure why this is so difficult.

Let’s just say Paul Pierce isn’t Nostradamus.

This is pretty cool.

Well who is going to be checking their doors tonight?

Whale you look at that! Is he really a spy?


The US Airlines Most Likely to Lose Your Luggage | Travel | Airfarewatchdog |

These statistics might surprise you. There are a couple of airlines I didn’t expect to see at the top.

On average, airlines lose around two bags for every 1,000 passengers, and that includes bags that are temporarily “misplaced.” A bag must be missing for 21 days before airlines consider it to be permanently lost.

8 Airlines with Cheap One-Way Fares to Europe | Travel | Airfarewatchdog |

I’ve flown Norwegian a few times and have nothing but great things to say about them!

Reasonable one-way fares to Europe are becoming a reality thanks to a handful of upstart budget carriers vying for a piece of the transatlantic puzzle. Here’s a list of airlines that are continually offering outstanding one-way deals to Europe on a regular basis.

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What are your favorite US airlines? I enjoy flying with Delta, JetBlue and Southwest.

WalletHub compared the 9 largest U.S. airlines, plus three regional carriers, across 15 important metrics. They range from cancellation and delay rates to baggage mishaps and in-flight comfort. We also considered costs in relation to in-flight amenities for the sake of fairness.

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Shameless Plug of my Hiking Videos on YouTube Because Jon Johnston Told Me to Promote Myself

This is another beautiful hikes I did in the Italian Dolomites back in August. My host recommended that I go to this area for a hike. It was definitely worth it! The trails weren’t very crowded and the views were absolutely stunning!