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Movie Night with Corn Nation - Year 2004: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

The West Coast offense in middle America is a memory that some Husker fans have tried to forget

2004 Nebraska Football

Everyone was excited when Bill Callahan brought his West Coast offense to Nebraska in 2004. Tons of hindsighted naysayers will tell you they thought otherwise, but they lie. It was evident on the first play of the spring game that year. The Nebraska crowd cheered very loud when the offense did a pre-snap shift. The West Coast offense would bring a new era of offensive success.

Okay. Maybe not everyone. Maybe that was me. I do this thing where I believe the most recently hired Nebraska coach is going to be the next TO because I cannot allow myself to think otherwise.

I realize there were a LOT of people who were pissed off that Frank Solich was fired. It split the fanbase so badly it wasn’t put back together until Mike Riley was fired and Scott Frost returned to Nebraska.

There were very early signs that Bill Callahan would fail miserably. The first was his decision to go for a field goal at Pittsburgh while on the one-yard line. It’s a move you see in the NFL, where coaches are mostly gutless, especially when it comes to scoring points or doing things like run an interesting offense. I remember going ballistic at home watching the game. My thought was, “this guy has not a clue about coaching college football”.

Another sign was the 30-3 gut punch at Oklahoma, the one with the Callahan “throat slash” gesture. The one where after the loss he called Oklahoman fans “fucking hillbillies”.

We should have seen the signs.

The final record was 5-6, Nebraska’s first LOSING SEASON SINCE 1961. It ended a bowl game streak that existed for 35 years, since 1968.

Yay Bill Callahan. What a guy.

Jon: I enjoyed this movie the first time around. Enjoyed it even more the second. I have always been intrigued with plots that involve manipulation of the human brain and this one didn’t disappoint. These aren’t bad people. Both the lead characters are neurotic, insecure. They don’t intend evil. They’re just us. If someone were to invent a technology that would allow us to take an easy way out in our relationships, would we use it? Probably. That’s mostly the point of the movie...

Except that the real evil in the movie was the Doctor. The victim was Kirsten Dunst. He used his position of power to manipulate her. We have to ask the question - if we keep inventing more tech is it going to be used for evil by people who control it? Well, fucking duh. Change the doctor’s name to Dr. Mark Zuckerberg. Is that a stretch? I don’t think so. They know what they’re doing in gathering data on everyone. Facebook apologizes, they do it over again and they don’t fucking care what will happen in the end.

It’s not just social media. Would we be better off without cell phones? The internet? We live longer lifespans but you could argue they’re filled with more amounts of anxiety which we then cure with anti-depressants. We’re just going to keep going down this path. I wonder where it will lead.

Nate M: What memories would you pay to erase?

So far after talking to my wife I could only think of one.

Movies which make us talk about ideas like this are movies that I enjoy. I will always love Jim Carrey for the Ace Ventura movies. He has since kind of gone in the opposite direction with some of these more “inventive” movies.

I just finished the book “Why We Sleep” and this idea of erasing memories are actually closer than we realize.

While it appears that Jim Carrey might have blown a fuse in his brain lately, I think he is a smart guy and extremely talented actor.

Evan W: This was one of the most boring movies I’ve watched in a while. Honestly, I’m the exact opposite of Jon, I did not like this movie. “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” had an interesting plot, but I could tell what was going to happen at the end in like the first 30 minutes. The idea of erasing memories from the mind is cool, and a lot of people would likely want to erase a few of their own.

The character development in the movie is stunning, but it just took so long for this movie to get going and FINALLY end. Granted, this isn’t my favorite genre of movie. Even though I’d rather watch a Jim Carey comedy I thought he played this role well. Mark Ruffalo also played a great supporting role that I felt fit him perfectly.

Going back to my problems with the movie; in short this movie could’ve been completed in less than an hour. Honestly, I feel like this would be an interesting movie to remake as a Netflix series. There was too much going on that wasn’t really crucial to the ending of the movie. I understand a lot of it was character development, but if they wanted to have that much it would’ve been better as a TV series.

Next week we’ll be looking at “Green Street Hooligans” from 2005, which is the first year I remember watching a Husker football game. I know I became a fan before the 2004 season, but I don’t think I was fully invested until ‘05. In my defense, I was only five at the start of the ‘04 season. Let us know what you think about “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” in the comments.