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Friday Flakes: When Beer Is Allowed In Memorial Stadium It Better Be For Everybody and It Better Not Be Bud Light

Don’t do it Moos!

Anthony Albanese Announces He Will Run For Labor Leadership Photo by Brook Mitchell/Getty Images

What is that sound? It is the sound, of inevitability.

Beer will be sold in Memorial Stadium at some point. However, will be be in 2019? Or 2022? Or sometime after that?

One large mistake, I believe, would be if the administration would decide that it would be okay for certain people in the stadium to have alcohol but not others. I mean, we already know that it is happening. However, there is a difference in turning a blind eye to it, and outright saying “Go ahead!” While the average fan down in the stands not only has to deal with the extreme heat in August and the extreme cold in November, but now you are saying that only the people indoors can have a beer? Not smart.

This reminds me of a Slipknot concert I went to in Iowa probably ten years ago. Every person who got a ticket received a general admission ticket. However, there were two types of general admission and nobody knew about it until we showed up. There was general admission for the stands, and general admission for the floor. In case you didn’t know, more than likely if you are paying money to go to a Slipknot concert, you probably want to get to the floor.

Let’s just say that there were a lot of angry people in the stands.

I mean a lot.

Instead of listening to the opening bands, we spent our energy finding out how to get to the floor. We thought about just jumping down and running into the crowd of people to hide down on the floor.

We didn’t do that. Instead I witnessed and took part in something I’ll never forget. It was an illustration of human’s willingness to be a part of a mob. Some people like me didn’t realize what was going on until it was too late.

It was between the opening band and Slipknot and we were talking to some of our friends who had the general admission tickets for the floor. We were talking about distracting the security or whatever had to be done. Then all the sudden I heard cheering and screaming coming from above.


Then there was a a mob of people running down the stairs and my immediate thought was that we need to get into this line early because they aren’t going to let everybody onto the floor.

I believed that the management realized they made a mistake and announced while we were away and couldn’t hear the concert that management was going to let a certain amount of people onto the floor because so many people were upset.

So my friend and I jogged toward the line (a.k.a the mob) of people and it took about half a second to realize that management wasn’t allowing us onto the floor. We were going to just take it because they couldn’t stop a mob. To this day I believe that once I stepped into the flow of people there was nothing I could have done to get out.

There were sacrifices and people got the crap beat out of them by clubs and whatever else they could do. Finally, they stopped the mob and closed the gates with metal doors. Then a second mob came through and tore up that gate.

It was not pretty. I am sure there were injuries on both sides. It was not something to be proud of. In fact, as we walked out of the concert there were probably 70+ police vehicles waiting for us. I was sure we were going to be arrested, but nothing happened. They probably just wanted to make sure it didn’t get worse.

So back to selling beer in the stadium. You either do it for everybody, or you do it for nobody. Or else there is going to be a mob (probably in terms of tweets, emails and phone calls) of Husker fans who will make their apprehension known.

Are there going to be issues with allowing beer sales in Memorial Stadium? Absolutely. However, if you go into the men’s bathroom stalls leading up to a 7:00 p.m. kickoff, you will find more liquor bottles than you can count. So the alcohol is getting in regardless, and you might prefer it to be beer over liquor.

In the end when they decide to allow beer to be sold in Memorial Stadium, I suggest now letting Bud Light walk through theses doors. I know enough farmers who were not very happy with the Bud Light commercials during the Super Bowl.

I mean, we are the Cornhuskers right?


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