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Of Bangarangs and Daggers: Episode 3 - Thoughts on AAU Basketball and A Trip Down Memory Lane as Nebraska Basketball Will Head to Italy

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Dwayne Wade “Goes to Disney World!” Photo by Todd Anderson / Disney via Getty Images

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Sometimes schedules don’t align. This week Patrick is out of town on business and I had a softball game on Sunday at 9:30 p.m., which is when we usually record.

It ended up making it impossible for us to find a time to record this week’s podcast...together.

So we decided, right or wrong, to take a subject and record our parts separately. We enjoy talking about Nebraska basketball together so this week we have taken an hiatus from Nebraska basketball, at least for the most part.

There is so much going on with Nebraska basketball that we tried to find a time for things to work but it didn’t happen. We should be on our regular schedule next week.

In this episode we each take a couple swings at whether AAU basketball is a good thing. I went over some of my favorite AAU Bingo tweets where twitter points out some of the absolute silliness that is at some AAU basketball games. For example, how often do you see a basketball coach doing push-ups during the actual game?

The Nebraska Men’s basketball team is heading to Italy in a month, so I get a chance to tell a story from a night in Florence, Italy where I couldn’t find my way home and I was actually looking for somewhere to sleep on the street. Oh and I had no idea where my friends were at. The story might end with cliff-hanger. Just saying.

After this week we will get back to talking about all the new things Nebraska Basketball has to offer.

As always, thanks for listening.

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If you have any topics you would like us to talk about or maybe questions you would like us to, “Who would win in a fight Fred Hoiberg or Captain America?” then definitely send it to us. Or maybe you want to tell us how we are wrong then don’t hesitate to let us know.

Regardless, if you are listening then we’d love to get to you know you. If you listen to us then you probably love Nebraska basketball, and so do we. So we at least have that in common. Everything else is just gravy.

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