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USA Volleyball Is Coming to Lincoln

Former Huskers and a lot of former B1G players will be in action versus Germany, Korea and Brazil in Lincoln in June

Volleyball - Olympics: Day 15
Team USA
Photo by Phil Walter/Getty Images

USA Women’s volleyball team plays in Lincoln at the Pinnacle Bank Arena on June 4th, 5th and 6th. They take the court against Korea, Germany and Brazil, in that order. Trust me on this: If you can, you should go watch.

Team USA is in Belgium right now. It features players who are veterans in international competition (Chiaka Ogbogu, Texas and Madi Kingdon, Arizona), players new to the international scene (Mikaela Foeke, Nebraska and Megan Courtney, Penn State) and current college players (Mary Lake, BYU and Dana Rettke, Wisconsin).

The team is going to play in different countries over the next weeks and the roster remains in flux. This offers a few of the newer players to the USA Volleyball program a chance to wear the jersey and compete. It also is exciting as different line ups take the court.

When the team comes to Nebraska, we don’t know for sure who will play but let’s hope that former Huskers Jordan Larson, Kelsey Robinson, Justine Wong-Orantes and Mikaela Foecke take the court.

So to review. We get a chance to see the future of Team USA, get a preview of some of the better international squads (Brazil won the gold medal in 2008 and 2012 by beating USA in the final match), an early look at some of the better NCAA players that’ll be on the court this fall, and see some of our recently graduated favorites, all in our home court in Lincoln. As I said, get there!

Check out this article from USA Volleyball for details to get tickets and all the players.