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Huge News for Nebraska Football: Dedrick Mills Has Qualified and Will Join the Team This Week

Exhale Husker Fans...Exhale.

Georgia Tech v North Carolina Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

Parker Gabriel, of the Lincoln-Journal Star is reporting that Dedrick Mills is set to qualify and will join the team this week.

This. Is. A. Huge. Deal.

Now that is looks like Dedrick Mills is going to be a part of the football team I would like to illustrate how big of a deal this news is for Scott Frost and the 2019 football team. If Las Vegas were to put up the odds of the starting running back for Nebraska this coming fall, Dedrick Mills likely would be -2000. Which means, you’d have to bet $2,000.00 to win $100.

Maurice Washington could be even money. Because we really have no idea whether he will be on the field in 2019.

The rest of the guys which include Brody Belt, Wyatt Mazour, Jaylin Bradley, Rahmir Johnson and Ronald Thompkins. What would be the odds of one of these guys starting now that Dedrick Mills has qualified? Maybe the best would be +1000?

This news has even led Steven Sipple, of the Lincoln Journal-Star, to say that picking Nebraska to win the division isn’t “so far-fetched.” This is notable because he was not particularly high on the Husker prior to the news.

Unlike Greg Bell of yesteryear, Dedrick Mills has been highly successful at a Power Five level. He has done his work against the likes of Clemson, NC State, Georgia, and Florida State.

This is big news folks. Hopefully it works out.