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Through These Halls: The Introduction

A look at notable alums of the University of Nebraska

Office of University Communications - Craig Chandler

The University of Nebraska is celebrating 150 years in 2019. It seemed appropriate to pick a summer series that celebrated that history. One of our many awesome CN readers suggested this idea - profiling notable Nebraska alums.

Bonus - I didn’t have to convince the guys to sign up to write a 150 part countdown.

Every Monday (that’s the plan anyway) I will tell you about a Nebraska graduate who has gone on to be famous or do something notable in their chosen careers. For now, I’m going to avoid recent athletes - especially if their most notable athletic achievements came while at Nebraska. I may dig into athletes from the 1950s and earlier or recent athletes from less-followed sports if there is an interesting story there.

The person being profiled must have graduated from the university (sorry Tommy Lee) but there are no other hard limits on where this could go. The people profiled don’t need to be famous, but should be doing something (or have done something) that would be interesting or notable.

If you have a suggestion for someone to profile, email me (the address is in my SBN profile) or mention it in the comments.

Up first (this evening if my workday doesn’t get out of hand and later in the week if it does)... check the basement for those fold-able trays to set next to the couch. We’re visiting the land of convenience food.