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Big Ten Baseball Tournament Scenarios For Nebraska

Huskers can finish anywhere from a 3 seed to a 5 seed.

Nebraska Heads to TD Ameritrade Park for first time this season
Nebraska Heads to TD Ameritrade Park for first time this season
Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

Nebraska is done for the regular season. The Huskers have finished the year with a 28-20 record overall and 15-9 in the Big Ten. Nebraska now awaits the results of today’s Big Ten games to see what seed they have earned in the Big Ten Tournament.

Nebraska can finish anywhere from third to fifth overall in the Big Ten. It is important to note that Nebraska loses tiebreakers to both Minnesota and Illinois, the teams they are battling for top seeding in the Big Ten.

Scenario For Nebraska To Be The Three Seed

  • Michigan State defeats Illinois
  • Northwestern defeats Minnesota.

Scenario For Nebraska To Be The Four Seed

  • Michigan State defeats Illinois
  • Minnesota defeats Northwestern


  • Illinois defeats Michigan State
  • Northwestern defeats Minnesota

Scenario For Nebraska To Be The Five Seed

  • Illinois defeats Michigan State
  • Minnesota defeats Northwestern

Nebraska should root for the following.

  1. Rutgers to win over Indiana. Nebraska would own a series victory over Big Ten Champion Michigan and would also potentially get an easier path in the Big Ten Tournament.
  2. Northwestern winning against Minnesota. This secures a top four seed for the Huskers. It also helps the chaos scenario.
  3. Illinois to defeat Michigan State, sending the Huskers to the 9 p.m. game against Minnesota rather than the 9 a.m. game against the sixth seed.
  4. Maryland winning against Iowa.

Chaos is served

In this dream scenario, the top five seeds are as follows. Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Minnesota, and Nebraska. Nebraska avoids Indiana and Illinois, while the Huskers get a second crack at a Minnesota squad that would be coming off a Northwestern loss.

There would be a four way tie for sixth place, with one team failing to make the Big Ten Tournament.

Northwestern, Ohio State, Maryland, and Iowa would be tied at 12-12 in league play. Due to not all teams have played each other, and these four teams not having any common Big Ten opponents, the next tie breaker would be the RPI. Maryland wins the RPI tiebreaker in this scenario and they are the sixth seed.

CHAOS! Let’s root for it!