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Bill Moos Responds to Criticism of Fred Hoiberg’s Management of the Men’s Basketball Roster

Is it the “Nebraska Way”?

Akron v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

We have heard from some Nebraska fans about their concerns for the Nebraska men’s basketball players who were in all practical terms told they had no place on the basketball roster even though they were current scholarship players.

If he was not already well aware of some of the criticism, then Bill Moos heard about it on his segment on Sports Nightly.

Like in the example below, some have said that it is not “the Nebraska way.”

Here’s the video clip of Athletic Director Bill Moos answering a question from a caller on Sports Nightly.

Bill has a great answer. He turns it back to what is best for the student-athlete. Should a player remain on the team if the new system does not fit their skill set?

I think of it in a different way. If Tim Miles had a chance to upgrade his roster, but that might mean to push a lower level player out, should he have taken that opportunity? What about Scott Frost?

Coach Frost has been doing that since the day he arrived. He has even mentioned replacing walk-ons with better walk-ons. If a player is taking up a roster spot, and if they aren’t performing to the standard then they can be asked to leave the team as well.

Bill Moos uses a great word: Transparency. Who doesn’t love transparency? In this case Hoiberg is being blatantly transparent in saying that he wants offensively skilled basketball players and those guys didn’t fit the bill.

Patrick Gerhart and I talked about this subject on our most recent podcast episode of Bangarangs and Daggers, a Nebrasketball Podcast. We dive into it a little deeper.

My last thought is that up and to this point the “Nebraska Way” in basketball obviously doesn’t work. It simply means accepting mediocrity. If we wanted to stay with the “Nebraska Way” then we could have hired some assistant from Belmont.