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Frosted Flakes: Art, Van Halen and a Pizza Museum

lots of interesting stories on Thursday’s Travel Flakes.

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Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

It was nice to be back in Miami. I spent the weekend in Miami for my brother’s medical school graduation. We still communicate a lot but I had not seen him for about a year. My Grandma also came down to Florida for the graduation. I had not seen here in about a year and a half when I visited her in New Jersey. Since my grandma really likes painting, we decided to take her to some art museums. She really liked the street art (Wynwood Walls) but, like myself, doesn’t really like modern art (Perez Art Museum).

Based on last weekend’s experience, I am curious to know what is everyone’s favorite type of art? Do you love or hate modern art? What is your favorite art museum? I don’t follow art obsessively but I do appreciate some street art, impressionism, pointillism and some contemporary art. Musee d’Orsay in Paris will probably always be my favorite art museum.

Anyways my brother stays in Miami for one more year as an intern in Jackson Memorial Hospital before starting his Radiation Oncology residency at Ohio State (they appear to have a really nice Cancer Center in Columbus). My brother is an SEC fanboy (studied undergrad at Arkansas) so I know he is thrilled about that aspect of moving into Big Ten country.

My travels now take me to Panama. I will be spending about 2.5 weeks here before flying to my next country. It’s rainy season here in Panama so I probably won’t be doing as much hiking as I want but the rest of the time will be focused on writing, tutoring and business-related things.

Onto Flakes then...

Frosted Flakes

I’m starting to get really excited about Nebrasketball next season! I didn’t expect this at all!

Nebrasketball: Forward Derrick Walker Commits to the Huskers | Basketball | Corn Nation |

Walker was a top rated recruit out of high school in Kansas City, MO. At Tennessee he averaged 5.3 minutes per game with 0.8 points and 1.1 rebounds. While there he was one of the least producing players on the roster.

Nebrasketball: Ohio’s Samari Curtis joins the class of 2019 | Basketball | Corn Nation |

Samari is a 6’4” guard from Xenia, OH. He averaged a whopping 34 points, 7.3 rebounds, and 4.9 assists for the Xenia Pirates his senior year. The Huskers beat out the likes of Cincinnati, Xavier, and Dayton for his services.

Husker Soccer will travel to Scotland for summer trip | Soccer | Lincoln Journal Star |

Nebraska announced it will take an international trip to Scotland from June 11-23. The Huskers will play five games there, including a contest against the Scotland U-19 National Team.

Mailbag: What One Sports Outcome Would You Change? | Sports | Hail Varsity |

You check the mailbag to see the Hail Varsity staff answers to this question. Feel free to input which Nebraska sports outcome you would change in the comments below.

Carriker Chronicles: When should kids start playing tackle football? | Football | Omaha World Herald |

Another interesting debate brought up by ex-Husker Adam Carriker. With the new studies coming out about concussions and CTE, do you think kids should start playing tackle football at a later age?

Husker Notes: Nebraska could see changes in number of early kickoffs | Football | Omaha World Herald |

Fox announced this week it would place the best game from its weekly college football menu in the 11 a.m. CT slot, which matches the traditional start times of the Texas-Oklahoma and Michigan-Ohio State games. NU’s most-watched game last season, a 36-31 loss at Ohio State, also started at 11 a.m. Translation: The better Nebraska is, the more likely Fox is willing to schedule the Huskers for 11 a.m.

Random Twitter Stuff

Speaking of art...

Moves like Jagger

Well that’s one way to use ramen.

Another fan on the field gets lit up.

I missed this event in Panama yesterday. This seems like a pretty impressive feat.

Boston accent has to be one of the least sexiest accents. Although I imagine top marks were given to the Southern accent.


Chicago has a Pizza Museum — and It’s Getting Over 100 Pieces of Memorabilia | Travel | Travel & Leisure |

Will it really be 100 pieces of pizza or just 100 pieces of casserole?

The U.S. Pizza Museum is about to become bigger and better than ever, and if you’ve been lamenting that you missed the Chicago-based pizza shrine’s original grand opening celebration, tickets to the grand re-opening event are available right now!

This is the One Place Americans Say They Would If They Had More Time and Money | Travel | Travel & Leisure |

Is Australia at the top of your list too? If not which country would you choose?

The vacation home rental service polled 1,067 adult American travelers to find out which place they’d like to go if time and money weren’t a factor. And as the results showed, we’re all dreaming of a trip down under.

The Cheapest European Cities to Fly This Summer | Travel | Conde Nast Traveler |

I figured this article would be worth sharing after last week’s flakes about flying.

We asked the travel company to study median flight prices for the summer from the U.S.’s top airports, in order to figure out the European destinations that are the best value. Yes, these median prices start in the $500s—but that means that at least half the flights out there are well below that price.

North America’s Five Best Road Trips | Travel | Outside Magazine |

A Nebraska highway made the list in this article. Have you driven on any of these highways?

Surprisingly, Nebraska makes for an ideal road trip—you can leave Denver, Colorado, for a long weekend and enjoy 250 miles of endless sand dunes and grasslands of western Nebraska.

How Half a Tonne of Cocaine Transformed the Life of an Island | News | The Guardian |

Such a crazy story about how drugs affected a tiny island.

In 2001, a smugglers’ yacht washed up in the Azores and disgorged its contents. The island of São Miguel was quickly flooded with high-grade cocaine – and nearly 20 years on, it is still feeling the effects.

Archaeologists Find Secret Chamber Decorated With Centaurs and a Spinx Inside Nero’s Palace in Rome | History | The Telegraph |

I always love reading about cool new archaeological finds like this one.

“The room, which was part of the huge Domus Aurea palace built by the emperor in the first century AD, had remained hidden for nearly 2,000 years. It was discovered by accident during restoration of an adjacent area of the palatial complex which was built on by subsequent emperors, including Trajan, and now lies interred beneath a hill next to the Colosseum in the historic heart of Rome.

How Cities Can Protect Migrating Butterflies | Environment | CityLab |

Have you noticed a decline of monarch butterflies in your city?

With the population of distinctive species in decline, cities around the United States are trying to add monarch-friendly spaces.

I took Yale’s most popular class ever — and it changed how I spend my money | Finance | CNBC |

How many finance/money management classes did you take in high school and/or college?

When Yale released its happiness class for free online, I decided to give it a try. The New York Times called it the university’s “most popular class ever” — and the hundreds of people who reported life-changing improvements after taking the class were enough to convince me.

Song of the Day

Since I flew into Panama this week, I figured it is appropriate to play this classic Van Halen hit released in 1984.