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Restoring the Pipeline: One Camp at a Time?

Bringing on all comers

Ndamukong Suh vs Oklahoma

We all know that success on the football field starts with the offensive and defensive lines. It surely doesn’t start with overrated four star wide receivers from California.

The previous coaching staff made their Friday Night Lights camp an event. I even took my kids. It is fun to be a part of something. Even if it is just to watch high school football players run drills. It is hard to turn down an opportunity to take my small kids to Memorial Stadium for free where they can run around and not bother anybody except the wife and I.

While this current coaching staff has not scrapped the Friday Night Lights camp, they have not focused on it like the previous staff did to an extent. Coach Frost even, “A lot has been said and talked about, but not everything they did here was terrible, I think that’s one of the really good ideas they had.”

You know what they could turn into an event? The new National OL/DL Pipeline Camp.

Here’s Jason Peter on the upcoming OL/DL Pipeline Camp, which will be held on June 15th, 2019:

The website dedicated to the camp is here. There is an obvious emphasis on this camp. Here is a link to the general camp site. Take a moment to compare the Friday Nights Light site to the new National Pipeline Camp.

If you check the graphic for the National Pipeline Camp site at the top of the page there’s the term “half rack.” Now, I do not know exactly how that is relevant to football but I do know that is is relevant to barbecued ribs.

You know who likes ribs? Offensive and defensive linemen. The coaching staff could have all of the local barbecue joints from Lincoln, Omaha and surrounding communities to bring in racks of ribs for the the camp attendees.

There are a few great BBQ places in Nebraska. What could be a better selling point to a group of huge humans who enjoy pushing each other around than ribs? Maybe steak? Well we could probably find some steaks as well.

Regardless of the food provided to camp attendees, make this camp an event.

Quarterbacks, running backs and wide receivers get the love everywhere. Do you know where linemen get love? Nebraska. This could probably not work anywhere except at Nebraska. It could be our niche.

Nebraska fans would show up in droves to an event like this and boy would that make the next Ndamukong Suh or Dominic Raiola feel pretty special.

This coaching staff plays things pretty close to the vest compared to the last staff so this might not be in their wheel-house but let’s do it.

Turn it into an event. A family event. Lets have games and food outside of Memorial Stadium before a swarm of fans fill the seats to watch large human beings hit each other. I’d take my kids to that.

Nevertheless, it is great to see the coaching staff’s emphasis on offensive and defensive linemen because that is how you build a dominant football team. Hopefully they take full advantage of this opportunity.