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Frosted Flakes: Are You Going To The Spring Game?

Jon Johnston

Basketball season is over. Congratulations to the Virginia Cavaliers on winning a tournament that was fun to watch. Perhaps Nebraska will get to participate in the next couple of years.

I’m sure you’re all dying to know who won our bracket challenge. Below are the top 10. We had a total of around 80 entries. I have no idea who MiamiInfidel is, but what I’ve learned is that if we continue to do more contests, we will try to give out prizes and they will be more directed to our community.

MiamiInfidel ended up around 139k overall in ESPN’s standings. My rotten son texted me last night to say he finished at 93k. I finished 10th below, and I ended at 2.8M in the overall standings. It’s kinda funny to say you finished 2.8 millionth in something and feel good about it!

Spring Game Cometh

It’s spring game week. I hope to get to Lincoln and shoot some photos.

I’d like to know if you’re attending. Leave a comment. Maybe we can meet somewhere for the game and say hello!

I’d like us (CN Staff) to be more available or interactive with our community this year. I’m not sure how that is going to work out as I still don’t have the energy level I’d like. We’ll see how it goes. Maybe it starts this Saturday with me walking around talking to all y’all.


Forte helps reignite Husker women's hockey club | Nebraska Today | University of Nebraska–Lincoln
The team started play in fall 2016. By March of 2017, the Nebraska Women's Hockey team petitioned to the Sports Club Council and was approved as an official campus sports club.

They joined the American Collegiate Hockey Association and played against 17 other college teams in their first season. The 11 players ranged in skill from those who had been skating since they could stand to those who had never previously played.

Despite tournament absence, Nebraska still had strong presence at NCAA Final Four | Sports |
On college basketball’s biggest weekend, both old and new faces of Nebraska basketball had busy weekends in Minneapolis.

No Positions Are 'Solid' in the Spring, But Huskers' O-Line Is Progressing | Hail Varsity
Offensive line coach Greg Austin isn’t one to single anyone out in his position group. For him, there haven’t been any individual stand-outs this spring, at least not that he’s sharing.

Raiders dip into AAF pool again, sign WR De’Mornay Pierson-El - Silver And Black Pride
Prior to that, Pierson-El was a four-year starter at Nebraska, collecting 1,309 receiving yards and 11 touchdowns as a Husker. In his freshman year, he was a dynamite punt and kick returner, amassing 743 return yards and three touchdowns. It’s possible that special teams is where his value lies for the Raiders.

At NU, football team and researchers have teamed up to tackle concussion protocol | Football |
But concussion research has left perhaps the biggest impact on the football program under Frost. The MRI scans — which cost $600 per player and are paid by CB3 through its funding from the university — benefit both the athletes and in-progress long-term studies.

Foecke Credits Nebraska For Her Academic Success - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site
“Honestly, I feel like with all the support Nebraska has, that they make it easy, between all of the tutors and Dennis and all of his staff and academic counselors,” Foecke said. “They make it really hard for you not to succeed, and I think that’s what separates Nebraska from a lot of other programs, their ability to make a well-rounded person and athlete and student.”

Huskers Look to Finish Spring Strong with Final Week of Practice - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site
”We’re heading in the right direction,” Walters said. “We just have to be more consistent. A lot of guys are getting reps, a lot of young guys, and so they’re kind of getting thrown into the fire going against a defense that is, to me, a seasoned defense. There are guys that know what they are doing and are flying around so they’re making our job tough.

Moos announces restructured senior staff

Six key administrators will serve on Moos’ Senior Staff: Deputy Athletic Director Bob Burton will serve as Chief of Staff; Deputy Athletic Director John Jentz will continue in his role as Chief Financial Officer; Deputy Athletic Director Pat Logsdon continues as the Department’s Senior Woman Administrator; Executive Associate Athletic Director Marc Boehm will oversee all External Operations; Executive Associate Athletic Director Dennis Leblanc will continue to lead Academics; and Executive Associate Athletic Director Jamie Vaughn will oversee Compliance.

Holy crap. This sounds like a lot of overhead. Key for most is that Marc Boehm will no longer be involved in basketball. He will oversee “External Operations” or whatever that is....


Pearl on missed double dribble -- ‘Get over it’
”The biggest point I want to make, and I’m sincere in this, I’m not just saying this because it’s politically the right thing to say. There is human error involved in the game. Kids make mistakes, coaches make mistakes. Yes, officials will make mistakes. That’s part of the game. Get over it,” he said.

Tortilla tossing comes to the Final Four, and police look the other way – Twin Cities
Of all things, a tortilla was flung onto the court at U.S. Bank Stadium like a frisbee during the first half of the national championship game between Virginia and Texas Tech on Monday night.

UCLA’s Dan Guerrero Blows It Again: Rick Barnes Staying at Tennessee - Bruins Nation
I would like off of Mr. Guerrero’s wild ride, please.

Lincoln man charged with assaulting WWE star Bret Hart
Authorities say a spectator faces assault and trespassing charges after tackling wrestler Bret “The Hitman” Hart while he was giving a speech during the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony in Brooklyn.

Dan Mullen confirms spring game attendance numbers are ridiculous – CollegeFootballTalk
Dan Mullen says he is not afraid to have some fun with the spring game attendance figures this time of year.

Why Billy Donovan says he was depressed after winning his second national championship at Florida - FootballScoop
“I lost total sight of what it’s all about,” Donovan said. “And I don’t mean what it’s all about in terms of what goes into winning, but the fact that it doesn’t change your life one bit, other than someone may write next to your name, ‘national champion coach.’ Outside of that, it does not change your life.

Wisconsin football: What has stood out through two open practices - Bucky's 5th Quarter
Small sample size, but whatever. Let’s do this.

Pitino Agrees to Contract Extension - The Daily Gopher
The Gophers agreed to a two-year contract extension with head coach Richard Pitino on Sunday, putting to rest any rumors that Pitino could be on the move. With the extension, it’s a reaffirmation that Pitino will be here for the foreseeable future.Softball: Wildcats stay hot, sweep Nebraska - Inside NU
The quest for the perfect B1G season remains alive for another weekend.

Who will be the best Big Ten Quarterback in 2019? - Off Tackle Empire
In general, there are two arguments that truly usher in the beginning of Spring in the Midwest.

1) Are peeps good? To which the answer is unambiguously no, but with a caveat that I will still eat...

Virginia’s March Madness national title run hinged on just 28.5 seconds -
If three late-game scenarios had gone any differently, Virginia’s NCAA Tournament would have likely ended in heartbreak for the second year in a row.

Virginia’s charmed national championship run after losing to UMBC is better than Hollywood -
Virginia’s redemption story feels too good to be true.

Look LOOK LOOK!!!!



Every year EDSBS runs a fundraiser for a charity as a competition between schools. Every year Michigan wins it. Every year Nebraska looks like no one exists.

Then There’s This

Microsoft reveals all the Google things it removed in its Chromium Edge browser - The Verge

Microsoft has removed or changed more than 50 Google services for its Chromium-powered Edge browser. The company is working closely with Google engineers to improve Edge and Chrome for Windows

An alternative that might be a faster browser? Look at all the stuff that’s in Chrome! No wonder it’s a memory and CPU-eating pig!

Vegan Protesters Block Downtown Melbourne In Coordinated Action Across Australia : NPR
Vegan protesters brought the central business district in Melbourne, Australia, to a halt for two and a half hours on Monday morning. In Queensland, activists broke into a slaughterhouse and negotiated the release of three sheep.

Three sheep were freed and get to live on a farm for the rest of their lives. I don’t know about you, but this sounds like baaaaaaad negotiations given how many sheep must have been there. Don’t you think the vegans were ewes’d by the slaughterhouse?

I wonder how long it will be ‘til these start showing up in Malls around the United States?