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Basketball Championship Game Thread: Virginia vs Texas Tech

Oregon v Virginia Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

If we’re going to be a basketball power, we’re going to have to start acting like a basketball power.

That means paying attention to basketball, even when your team isn’t playing. It allows you to learn the culture of high level basketball. Or something like that.

Tonight’s game between Virginia and Texas Tech will start at 8:20 Central Time and be televised on CBS.

I’m sure that it will be a defensive battle with scoring somewhere in the 50s and the announcers will all the time be weeping inside because there is no Zion, no Duke, North Carolina, Kansas or big blue chip program that’s expected to be there every year.

While you’re waiting you can read this bucket of poop from Pete Thamel, who’s normally a damned good sportswriter. He makes a point that the NCAA needs to do some things, but in the process craps on Virginia and Texas Tech and comes off as whiny because “waaa waaa waaa, no big stars.”

Why this NCAA title game is a sign of things to come

Texas Tech and Virginia are playing for the NCAA basketball title on Monday night. Please feel free to shield your eyes and look away. Grab a double-shot of caffeine — or something stronger — and get ready for a meat grinder moonlighting as a basketball game.

This is a national title game for the KenPom disciples, the defensive denizens and hardcore clinicians. Not the casual fans who enjoy pace, dunks and flow. Both teams are ranked among the country’s top five in defense, and they have the aesthetic appeal of John Daly in a Speedo. If you need a refresher, pull the Butler-UConn title game from the horror shelf of your DVD collection and relive that 2011 nightmare.

So.... who is everyone rooting for?

I’ll be rooting for Virginia.

I can’t think of anything that Virginia has ever had good that’s happened to them. Texas Tech might be in the same area code as “bad things always happen”, but maybe it’s because they’re from the old Big 12 that I would really they rather not win.