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Nebraska Spring Football: April 8 Practice Report

Offensive coordinator Troy Walters updated the media on the most improved receiver, what he expects from the tight ends and more

Brent Fields

Happy Monday! After today’s practice offensive coordinator Troy Walters took his turn with the media and updated on the offense ahead of Saturday’s spring game.

First, a dose of Monday cuteness as running back coach Ryan Held brought his five month old son with him to the presser.

Offensive Coordinator Troy Walters

On where the offense is ahead of the spring game

We’re heading in the right direction, we just have to be more consistent...there are a lot of young guys getting reps and they’re getting thrown in the fire...going against a defense that is seasoned...guys that know what they’re doing and flying around...we’ve got to be more consistent and have a little more grit...overall we’re pleased with the progress...but there is still work to be done.

On what he wants to see Saturday

Guys making plays and whichever team I’m on winning [chuckles]. No, just guys going out there and having fun. Execution. We’re keeping it simple, not trick plays...we want to see which guys can handle the environment and make plays...and stay healthy.

No surprise, the quarterbacks will be wearing green jerseys (no contact) for the spring game.

On Adrian Martinez

Maturing...every day he adds another element of maturity and that leadership quality is coming out of him...he comes to work every day ready to go...and he’s bringing guys along with him. The receivers know it isn’t acceptable to drop the ball or run the wrong route. If they do, he’s the one getting after them, not me.

On the receivers

It’s going to be hard to replace Stanley Morgan, but we gotta find 2 or 3 guys to replace his productivity...they’re competing...once again, it comes down to guys showing up consistently, blocking on the perimeter...we’ve got a ways to go but they’ve taken a step in the right direction.

On which receivers have made the biggest jump this spring

Andre Hunt. He’s working with the first string. He’s making plays. He’s matured. He understands the offense so he can play fast. What has impressed me most is last year he had some days he wasn’t always focused, he had some drops. And now, he’s focused, he’s seeing the ball in, he’s been the most consistent pass catcher we’ve had out there.

Also, Jamie Nance. We’ve thrown a lot at him. It’s good he was here and was able to go through spring...and know what this offense is all about. He’ll make a jump this summer.

Mike Williams is doing a good job, he’s explosive. As a whole we have to be more consistent. We know what JD Spielman and Wan’dale Robinson has had a good spring. Miles we’re working with at slot and running back. Javeon McQuitty, the consistency on his part, he’s got to come in and day in and day out and make plays.

On Wan’dale Robinson and whether he has been everything the coaches hoped

Yeah, He has. He has. Yes, he’s a student of the game. He understands football. He’s always in the office. Trying to learn...he’s a pro. For him, continue to lift, get stronger...get ready for the pounding he’s gonna take in the fall.

On Jack Stoll

We know Jack is a good run blocker...he needed to take the next step as a pass catcher. He’s stepped up his role in running routes and creating separation at the top of his route...those guys have to make a difficult catch and he’s done that so far this spring.

When the tight ends are playing well...creating separation and becoming legitimate pass catchers, that helps the receivers on the outside...and if we’re doing our job on the outside, it creates more space on the inside for the tight ends...

This and That

Other offensive assistants and players were available to the media this morning.