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Friday Flakes: Is the Golden Age of Nebraska Athletics Upon Us?

I sure hope so

Colorado v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

John Cook has been shouldering the load for Nebraska Athletics for far too long. He walked into his boss’s office to find Bill Moos looking out of the window.

“Hey Bill.”

Moos continued to stare out of the window. Cook felt like the man he was looking at could have been President John F. Kennedy looking out the window in the oval office contemplating the future of the United States of America.

Except in this case Bill Moos was overlooking the Nebraska Athletic Department.

“I’m tired,” said Coach Cook. “My shoulders hurt. My legs are wobbly. I just don’t know if I can take the weight anymore. I need some help.”

Moos turned back toward Cook. He pulled out the brown leather chair at his desk and sat down.

“John,” said Bill. “Can you give me a few more months? I have plan. If executed correctly, my plan will take so much weight off your shoulders that you’ll finally be able to breath normally again.”

“What’s your plan?”

“I plan on hiring the best combination of football and men’s basketball coaches in the history of Nebraska Athletics.”

It is possible. Bill Moos might have pulled it off.

Nebraska currently has two top 25 coaches in both football and men’s basketball. We can argue semantics, but I believe that at this point they are both in the top 25.

I can already hear it.




Now that we have the dumb comments out of the way lets get to back to being reasonable.

It is reasonable to say that Nebraska could have three top ten coaches at the same time within the next five years in volleyball, men’s basketball and football. That is if John Cook does not retire before that point.

John Cook is already there. It is up to Scott Frost and Fred Hoiberg to start moving up the ranks. It could happen.

Just think about this for a moment. Our current football coach and men’s basketball coach, at the time they were hired, were arguably the most sought after coaches in their respective sports. This is not normal for Nebraska. Getting the top available men’s basketball coach and football coach seems like something that would happen at Florida, Texas (I just vomited a little), Ohio State, Notre Dame and USC.

Not at Nebraska. It does help that both coaches were technically “native” Nebraskans. I heard people tell me that well “Hoiberg, was born here!” Ya so was Malcolm X and Gerald Ford. But we don’t consider them Nebraskans.

But at the Hoiberg news conference he took about 10 minutes spouting off his connections not only to Nebraska but to the University. It was awesome.

It may not happen. In fact, I’m going to bet it doesn’t because we don’t deserve nice things. However, if Hoiberg and Frost fulfill their potential then the golden age of Nebraska athletics may be upon us.



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