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Frosted Flakes: Spring is Here And We Are All Drunk As Hell

Michigan State v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

Mrs. CN and I took a couple days off at the start of this week, so I missed the Fred Hoiberg press conference... kind of.

It was hard to miss the “elevator entrance” with Bill Moos, Hoiberg and Scott Frost lingering in the background. It was impossible to miss all the coverage.

My initial curmudgeonly impression is that we’re getting way ahead of ourselves. Frost went 4-8 last season. Hoiberg hasn’t done anything but a presser. I have exceedingly high hopes for these two as we all do, but proof of that success is so far away it is difficult for me to comprehend at this time.

We know spring is full of gooey, “best practice ever”, “best player I’ve ever coached at this position” quotes. Maybe it’s fine. I’ll do my best to drink it in, enjoy it while I can. Spring is a time for re-birth and new, shiny things, right?

All this hubbub seems a little early. If we’re doing this now, what we gonna do in June and July?


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Then There’s This

These idiots fighting over a parking space for 2 hours is the hottest new spectator sport -

It’s a marathon, not a sprint.

I can tell you without reservation that parking in LA is hell. It can be a beautiful place to visit, but you can drive around in some locations for a couple hour trying to find parking without having to walk two miles to your destination, so it’s understandable two people would fight over a parking place for a couple hours.

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Other than Red Dead, the latest round of video games seem to be on a level of suck I haven’t seen in a while. I refuse to pre-order anything anymore.