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Update: Now Four Nebraska Football Players Have Left the Program — Expect More Departures

Who is next?

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It’s that time of year when once beloved members of a Nebraska recruiting class or a transfer who was going to change the program has decided to take their talents elsewhere.

Right now only three Nebraska football players have decided to tempt fate by entering a dimension of the universe, which from what I have heard can only be experienced and cannot be explained.

They have entered the transfer portal.

If there was a portal right in front of you, which once you entered may send you anywhere in the world (but most likely somewhere in the United States), would you make the courageous decision to enter?

Well Caleb Lightbourn, Breon Dixon, Quayshon Alexander and now Cam’ron Jones have decided to take that chance.

Cam’ron Jones

Caleb Lightbourn

Quayshon Alexander

Breon Dixon

These are the first three to enter the transfer portal. Expect more to come as we are in the middle of attrition season. When the semester ends we will likely hear about more players leaving.

Brandon Vogel of Hail Varsity said his count is up to 20 players (now 21) who have left since Scott Frost was hired. This isn’t a bad thing. At least it won’t be considered a bad thing until Frost starts losing.

We genuinely wish each and every player the best! Good luck to these former huskers!

Hopefully they will look back at their time at Nebraska and remind themselves of our great historic state motto, “Honestly, it’s not for everyone.”

We will try to update this article as we learn more.