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Frosted Flakes: Living in Mexico

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Well it’s been a while. I used to do a lot of writing for Corn Nation (twitter recaps, women’s soccer articles, etc.) and then life happened. It’s been quite the ride. I traveled for a total of 18 months throughout Mexico, Central America and Europe. I have gathered plenty of amazing travel stories (I am sure I will share all of them on here at some point).

As of right now, I have traveled to 27 countries and been to 47 out of 50 states (bonus points for correctly guessing which three I need to visit). While I traveled, I blogged not so frequently on my website (Nate Meets World) about hiking in the different places that I visited. The headline pic you see in me at the summit of Nevado de Toluca which is the fourth highest point in Mexico at 4680 meters (15354 feet).

Currently I am living in Guadalajara, Mexico where I have been since the end of last year. I needed a place to settle for a while after traveling for 18 months. However, my travels start again in a couple weeks and I plan to share tidbits for my adventures here as well as recall some amazing travel stories on my journey so far (like the Russian police story).

I work strictly online which gives me the flexibility to travel when I want and live in places like Guadalajara, Mexico. Besides the delicious Mexican food you can find everywhere, some of the other reasons I chose to live in Guadalajara were because I had a few friends here, the mild ‘winter season’ and the really low cost of living for a big metropolitan area (around five million people).

Anyways enough about me. Feel free to share in the comments how many countries and/or US States you have visited.

Frosted Flakes

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Shameless Plug of my Hiking Videos on YouTube Because Jon Johnston Told Me to Promote Myself

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