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It’s Now Official, Fred Hoiberg Will Lead Nebrasketball

News and notes from the press conference announcement

UConn v Iowa State Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

After a good month’s worth of speculation. Weeks upon weeks of gossip. Hours spent pondering the future. The University of Nebraska has hired Fred Hoiberg as their next men’s basketball coach.

I have brought to you what I believe are the main points from today’s festivities relating to the hiring of Fred. It was a joyous occasion that was enjoyed by all who attended.

To start things off, he arrived via air.

Fred then was whisked away to the Hendricks Center that holds the center of operations for Nebrasketball LTD. He even had time to film a little welcome for the fans. He seems like such a fine fellow.

We are paying for wins here folks...Any who, he left in the nice red plaid shirt he came in. I am glad they gave his clothes back.

Even assistant coach Matt Abdelmassih was caught making it into the center. He say’s that the media doesn’t want video of him. Boy, is he in for some rough months ahead. He’s going to love Mrs. Johnson camping in his front yard wanting his autograph for her grandson in Harrison.

After what I assume was a nice tour of the Russian Bottoms and lunch at Egg Roll King the crew came back to 1 Memorial to get ready for the press conference.

They even made the doors to look like a bank vault. You know because Pinnacle Bank Arena is called “The Vault”. Why? Because it’s main sponsor is the third largest bank in Nebraska. Pretty Cool Huh?

At one point there was a dance off for charity. Not sure when it happened or even if it happened during the presser but here is some video of it.

I should have warned you. There is Fran in shorts at the end of the video. My apologies.

Back to the presser. The venue was very basketball themed for a football building.

Then, the vault doors opened.

I think if they could, they would have put every husker football living legend in there. I mean, you have Coach Frost and Matt Davison in there. Why couldn’t you get Johnny “The Jet” Rogers?

At one point Bill Moos gave Fred the original press release from 1955 of the hiring of his grandfather at NU. I bet Bill wishes he could still get a way with paying those numbers. Would save a lot for improvements and locker rooms for football.

In the end, the press had their way with him. He seems okay with it. Though, he did spend the past few years in Chicago which belongs to Northwestern. I am sure he is finally happy to have someone want to talk sports to.

The End