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Friday Flakes: If You Have Been Affected By The Flooding Please Send Us Your Story

We want to share it

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Flooding Continues To Cause Devastation Across Midwest Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images

You are not alone. In fact, two of our staffers were also affected by the flooding. We want to give those who have been affected by the devastating floods a chance to vent and tell us what has happened to you, your family and your community.

We want to let people know your stories. You can tell us your story in the comment section of this article, however I would prefer that you email me at which may give me a chance to respond to you directly.

As always, we would appreciate if you can share or retweet this article so we care share as many stories as possible. People need to hear about what people are going through.

Recipes! Recipes! Recipes!

Well after having sparks flying out of the top of our range/oven and my dog destroying part of our dishwasher we finally have some new appliances.

So it is my goal to start the “Nebraska Inspired Recipes” weekly series next week. If you don’t know what I am talking about then go to here. Also here.

We are up to seven recipes. Two of them are legitimate German recipes. I don’t even know if I can correctly pronounce the names of the recipes. So I think those should be fun.

So I plan on doing this until the list runs out. So if you have any other “Nebraska Inspired Recipes” then send them my way via email (, comment on this article or DM on twitter (@nmchugh85).

Keep them coming!

Getting My News the Lazy Way

During this past Lenten observance I gave up Facebook and Twitter. One was much more difficult than the other. Facebook was easy. Twitter on the other hand did not get any easier as time went on as we approached Easter.

One of the reasons, I learned is that I derived much of my news from twitter. I relatively limit the amount of political accounts I follow as I try not to define myself politically as much as I used to as of a year ago or so.

However, I followed just enough political accounts or news accounts to learn about many of the things going on throughout our community, state, country and the world. So what happens when you remove twitter from your life? You learn that you actually have to make an effort to stay informed about what is going on around you.

Multiple times in the beginning of Lent I was asked, “Hey Nate, did you hear about...” Nope. Sorry, I haven’t been able to look at Twitter during Lent.

How sad is that?

I listened to a podcast leading up to Lent where the guest said that social media is a lazy way to get your news. You are allowing your intellectual independence to be governed by an algorithm. I thought, “Eh. He may have a point. But I’m good.”

He definitely had a point.

So I made started searching for sites to get my news and used this tool known as a Bookmark. It is a relatively new invention which will revolutionize the way we get our news! While this isn’t mind blowing, when getting your news from Facebook or Twitter you are allowing other people whether it be the people you follow, or an algorithm on Facebook, to decide what is important to you.

If you follow this to the logical end, then actually visiting websites you have bookmarked is also allowing somebody to decide what is important. Like Corn Nation, the staff chooses to write or not write an article because one of us has decided it is either important or not.

However, there is a difference in visiting a site where you see everything the organization has written compared to just seeing certain pre-approved articles by Facebook or somebody you follow on twitter.

So when I finally open up Twitter for the first time since Ash Wednesday, I hope I don’t revert back to my old ways of getting my news from social media.

If I do, then I’ll know I chose the lazy way to get my news.


Hixson worked through the 'hard days' for inside track on Husker OL | Football |
There’s no easy way to win a starting offensive line job in the Big Ten.

Some guys wait for three or four years for a shot, while others might see the field early and then switch positions or get passed up or get hurt and never find themselves back in their old job.

What goes into a championship-caliber vault? NU's Anton Stephenson gives us an inside look | Gymnastics |
The routine takes roughly six seconds to complete.

But for Anton Stephenson, the vault has left some lasting impressions.

Elkhorn South's Piatkowski following father's footsteps to Husker hoops | Men's Basketball |
A very familiar name will join the Husker men's basketball roster next season.

Jace Piatkowski, the son of Nebraska legend Eric Piatkowski, will play for Fred Hoiberg as a preferred walk-on, he tweeted Wednesday.

Some Husker D-linemen on the rise
The big kid has work ahead to reach that tier in which a coach has full trust in throwing him into a game.

But it spoke something that Husker D-line coach Tony Tuioti was retweeting some of the best highlights of redshirt freshman’s Casey Rogers Spring Game out to the masses this week.

Huskers come-from-behind for midweek win
PAPILLION — Midweek baseball can sometimes be more about survival than aesthetically pleasing baseball, and Nebraska will gladly take its 8-5 come-from-behind win over Omaha and move on to Big Ten play this weekend against Iowa.

Briefly in Limbo, Armon Gates' Future Is Now Clear With Nebraska | Hail Varsity
Whenever a school makes a coaching change, the impact of that decisions reaches far beyond the head coach who just lost his job. Suddenly, the assistant coaches are out of a job as well in most cases.

That’s the situation Armon Gates found himself in after Bill Moos fired Tim Miles in later March, although those in the program saw the writing on the wall well before the final game of the season.

Hot Reads: The Big Ten West Favorite Is . . . Minnesota? | Hail Varsity
ESPN isn't quite ready to give you its full Football Power Index (FPI) predictions yet for the 2019 season, but the World Wide Leader rolled out a teaser yesterday with its "Playoff Predictor."

Nebraska Recruiting: The Benefits of Group Visits | Hail Varsity
The number of group visits taken to Nebraska seem to be on the uptick. Large groups of 7-on-7 teams have visited Lincoln in recent years. Multiple players on the same high school or junior college team have also been through Lincoln. During spring practice, a large group with Tyrone Carter Elite Training Schools came to town.

To slow flow of grad transfers, NCAA could constrain schools
Football and basketball coaches may be less likely to add graduate transfers to their teams under a change being considered by the NCAA.

Jeopardy! champ adds $131K with perfect game
Las Vegas sports bettor James Holzhauer is rewriting the "Jeopardy!" record book on an almost nightly basis.

On the episode that aired Wednesday, Holzhauer topped his own single-game winnings mark with $131,127 to capture his 10th straight victory.

The 2019 NFL Schedule Is Here. These Are the Games We’re Pumped For. - The Ringer
The 2019 NFL season is here. Kind of. The NFL released its 2019 schedule on Wednesday evening. We have known which teams would play each other this year since the moment the 2018 regular season ended, but now we know when they’ll play each other.

Just About Everything This MLB Season Has Been Extreme - The Ringer
On MLB’s Opening Day, the Los Angeles Dodgers set a single-team record by launching eight flies over the fence. The other 29 teams combined for 40, bringing both leagues’ total tally to 48 long balls, another Opening Day record.

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson's comment on Tom Brady's shirtless NFL Draft photo is perfect
When Tom Brady resurfaced his iconic shirtless NFL Draft photo on Tuesday, he basically was asking to get roasted.


7 smaller cities that are architectural gems - MarketWatch
You don’t have to go to Chicago or New York to find unique, inspiring architecture.

A Nebraska town makes the list

Spiders 'fly' for hundreds of miles—thanks partly to electricity
CHARLES DARWIN WAS fascinated by the spiders that landed on the H.M.S. Beagle nearly two centuries ago. Spiders don’t have wings, yet they alighted on his ship 60 miles offshore.

Roman historian Tacitus offers an early testimony of the crucifixion of Christ--Aleteia
Tacitus is known for his chronicles of the Roman Empire, but he was also a high official in Rome’s imperial administration. Among the many stepping stones he had in his career, there is one that, in light of Christian history, suggests why he might have included a certain Jesus of Nazareth in his famous history, the Annals.

Music Armon Gates Would Approve Of

Happy Easter Weekend, and thanks for reading.