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Countdown to Kickoff 2019: Movie Night With Corn Nation

It’s the offseason. There will be content. It may not always be sports, but there will be content.

Last offseason we received a great response to our Nebraska county countdown. If you missed the series, we went through all 93 counties in Nebraska and published an article daily as we counted down the days to kickoff. While that series was definitely a grind, a lot of us really enjoyed writing our pieces and finding out more about Nebraska. This has led us to try and come up with even more types of content we can post on the site. For instance, Nate published an article last week that was asking for Nebraska-inspired recipes. I think the goal with these types of articles are to bring together Nebraskans, even more than we already are, with the content we’re pushing out.

As I stated, we received a lot of support for that county series, so once the 2018 football season ended we started brainstorming ideas for this offseason’s countdown to kickoff series. I don’t remember how this idea originally started, but I know a lot of this idea came from a staff collaboration in our Slack channel. I eventually took hold of this idea and ironed it out. We decided to write a movie review series, in roundtable format, each week to look back at movies that have come back in the last 20 years. Why did we choose 20? It’s because it’s been 20 years since the last conference championship Nebraska football has won.

Each week we will review a movie, starting with a movie from the year 1999.

Our first movie is The Matrix, which I’m sure a lot of people reading this have seen. We invite everybody to watch the movies we chose along with us and leave your thoughts in the comments.

I will also be adding a bit about Husker football in that year.

Just so I can make this clear, next week we’ll review a movie from 2000. The week after we’ll review a movie from 2001, and we’ll publish this weekly until the first game of the season. It works out perfectly that it’s exactly 20 weeks until kickoff, so our final movie will be from the year 2018.

Our review of The Matrix will be published on Friday. I know that doesn’t give you guys a lot of time to watch the movie so I want to apologize for that. I am finishing up my undergrad at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln so I’ve been extremely busy finishing classes and trying to find a full time job after college.

Hopefully you guys will like this series as much as the county countdown, even though it won’t be as frequent I think it will turn out well. I'm not sure if this is our only countdown series so stay tuned, if not I’ll make sure to update you guys in one of our movie reviews.