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Frosted Flakes: The Tiger Woods Enigma

Sports can be tough to wrap your head around sometimes

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PGA: Masters Tournament - Final Round Rob Schumacher-USA TODAY Sports

We all sat around our TV's on Sunday. Watching the Masters end like it was 2005.

Tiger Woods was getting ready to sink his final putt to win his fifth green jacket. Unlike his previous rounds, Tiger was in his iconic wardrobe. Black hat, red shirt, black pants, and black shoes. A color scheme that we have seen time and time again for a final round of golf. It’s what he does. Is it luck or just really good marketing?

So, he sinks his final putt and the crowd, nation, and probably the world goes wild.

We love redemption stories. Tiger won The Masters. That’s another thing, it’s “The Masters”. Not some trash company tournament in Arizona but one of the most iconic tournaments in the word.

The green jacket that is won is about a iconic as the Stanley Cup or the Lombardi Trophy.

This was his first major win in eleven years and his first Masters win since 2005. A long time coming for a player that has seen about as many ups and downs in his golf and personal life as anyone.

So this comes up, his personal life.

For those that you do not know, in 2010 Tiger admitted publicly to extramarital affairs. His marriage was over and his golf game took a hit. For years many thought that he would never rebound. Most shamed him and threw him under the bus and left him to rot. Understandably so in my mind.

Just two years ago in 2017 he was sited for driving under the influence of alcohol and prescription medications. He stated that he did not realize that mixing those two would cause those results.

History is full of these stories. Babe Ruth was one of the greatest sluggers of all time and was by no means a saint. Pete Rose is banned from entering the hall of fame for cheating but is still loved by many (mainly sports journalists). Sports history is full of stories of people who we love on the field but are less than ideal off.

I guess it comes down to each individual person. We can go into detail on why some of these folks do what they do and I guess its on the individual to whether they are willing to let something go or not. It is up to us to decide what we can tolerate and what we cannot.

For me, I’m still battling on whether this is good. As a golfer, this is huge and a great comeback story. On a personal level, trust is something hard to rebuild. Tiger made mistakes. A lot of them. From what I know he has been fairly straight and forward in his private life since 2010. He and his wife have moved on to other people. They seem like they are each happy. Divulging any deeper is beyond our scope. We only know what is made public and that is all we should know.

It’s hard to take all these things and add them up into one clean and easy answer. Hopefully someday I will know. It will make dealing with these moments a lot easier.

In the end, Tiger broke through his drought and in all honesty his kids looked happy too. His son came up and gave him a big hug in the end. Maybe because of their fathers actions, they will be better people. Maybe, they have made peace with him and have moved on. It’s not mine or yours to say I guess.

Life isn’t always black and white.

Anyway, on to flakes...


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