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Nebraska’s Number One Target Turner Corcoran Is All N’

Will be one of the biggest commits in this class


I was just about to leave the press box when we got the news. Unfortunately our beloved recruiting writer (UglyDog56) is in the middle of a cowboy race, whatever that is. So you get me I guess!

Nebraska’s #1 target for the upcoming recruiting cycle is now on board. Turner Corcoran has committed to Nebraska.

The 6’6” 280 offensive tackle from Lawrence, Kansas is a huge get for Coach Greg Austin and Scott Frost. He picks Nebraska over the likes of Ohio State, Notre Dame and Oklahoma. As well as Kansas and Kansas State.

Corcoran has visited Lincoln so many times that we were wondering if he was going to apply to be a Nebraska resident before committing.

He’s a four-star recruit and is the #7 ranked offensive tackle who is in the Top 75.

Quite the get.

Here is his announcement on twitter.

This makes it the third commit for the 2020 class that is looking to have some heavy hitters. We were wondering if there would be any commitments out of this weekend. Well we got the first which could be the first domino to fall to get things going for this recruiting class.