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Frosted Flakes: Another Bomb Cyclone Is on the Way

A tough night on the diamond for baseball and softball, transparent skulls, and a new rifle coach at Nebraska

march 21 snowfall with cattle in the background Jill Heemsra

On Monday, I was at Ranchhand 3’s track meet in near-80 degree weather. At the same time, I was worrying about the next weather system headed our way.

This one is not predicted to be as powerful as the storm that brought all of Nebraska’s flooding and is tracking farther north (sorry South Dakota) but it is still on the edge of being classified as another bomb cyclone. An extremely rare weather event is becoming too common this “spring”.

We are in the area where we could get no snow (just rain) or we could get 18-20” of snow. Twenty miles difference in the track one way or the other will make all the difference. It won’t matter as a cold rain is just as hard on calves and we have 100% chance of precipitation for the next three days and maximum temperatures in the upper 30’s.

Ranchers in the north central part of the state are going to have it the worst for Nebraska. South Dakota and Minnesota are all in the crosshairs of this storm too. I guarantee there will be ranch families working their asses off the next few days trying to keep animals warm and alive.

When you tailgate next fall, take a moment to remember the blood, sweat and tears that went into producing that hamburger or steak.

Then, enjoy every bite.

Frosted Flakes

Alex Henwood, Aaron Palensky homer in sweep of Purdue and tie Huskers’ best Big Ten start | Sandhills Express
Alex Henwood laughed at the notion that he could be a home run hitter. That’s just not his game.

Husker Bats Silenced in Loss to Creighton - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site
The Nebraska baseball team (17-10) was held to four hits in a 10-2 loss to Creighton at Hawks Field on Tuesday night.

Huskers aim for a bounce-back win and a bounce-back finish to the season | Huskers |
It's back to the drawing board for the Nebraska softball team.

The drawing board didn’t help the softball team as they weren’t the only team to lose big to Creighton last night...

Creighton Homers Haunt Huskers - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site
Omaha, Neb. - Nebraska (13-23) scored first, but Creighton (12-17) scored five runs in the first inning with help from three home runs and never looked back as the Bluejays defeated the Huskers by a score of 9-1 in a five-inning game on Tuesday night.

Martin Named Nebraska Rifle Coach -
Former Husker national champion Rachel Martin has been named the head rifle coach at the University of Nebraska, Athletic Director Bill Moos announced on Tuesday, April 9. Martin is sixth head coach to lead the Husker rifle program.

Rutgers edges Nebraska women’s tennis team 4-3 | Huskers |
If the Nebraska women’s tennis team wants to play more matches this spring on their home courts at the Dillon Tennis Center, the Huskers needed to hold home court this weekend

The tennis team is on the verge of not qualifying for the conference tournament they are hosting...

Hoiberg to throw out first pitch at Tuesday's Nebraska-Creighton game | Huskers |
If you were looking for another reason to head to Tuesday night's baseball game between Nebraska and Creighton, the Huskers have provided one.

Huskers hope Andre Hunt can produce at wideout - KLKN-TV: News, Weather and Sports for Lincoln, NE;
Aside from J.D. Spielman, the Big Red have very little experience at the position. However, the Husker coaches remain optimistic with the position, especially redshirt freshman Andre Hunt.

Foecke, Stephenson Honors Highlight A Night at the Lied - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site
The University of Nebraska Athletic Department honored some of its best and brightest student-athletes Sunday evening during the annual A Night at the Lied ceremony.

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Sportsin’ Stuff Outside the 402/308

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More Noise and Other Disturbances

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Then There’s This

Research Brief: 3D-printed transparent skull provides a window to the brain | University of Minnesota Twin Cities
Device could provide new insight for brain research on concussions, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

This looks like fodder for the next great CN April Fool’s article...”University of Minnesota injects playbook directly into brains of football team...”