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Nebraska Red-White Spring Football: For What Will We Cheer?

What do you think a hungry Nebraska football crowd will yell for the loudest?

Jon Johnston

Nebraska’s Red-White spring game is this Saturday!

Every year I try to gauge the interest of the fan base and what they’re most concerned about by running a poll about what type of football play will bring about the loudest cheer from the fans at the spring game.

We’ve been doing the same poll for over a decade. I’ve include the history below - look at how many years Nebraska fans have yearned for decent quarterback play!

  • Last year, the first year of the Scott Frost era, we still voted for Quarterbacks Quarterbacks Quarterbacks - Great Play By Quarterbacks. That selection garned 31% of the votes. Next came “A Great Bone-Throwing Defensive Play - (Interception Pick Six Or “Sack”)” with 27% and then “A long touchdown run that makes RTDB guys weep uncontrollably.” at 22%. Last was the “The Tunnel Walk (Or A Grand Entrance Of Some Sort)”, which was surprising given that it was the first view of Scott Frost as our new coach in a football-like setting.

Now we have Adrian Martinez - do we still want to see him make great plays in our spring scrimmage, or do we desire something from a different position this year?

The Nebraska defense had a horrible time on third down last season, finished 105th in the nation in getting opponents off the field. Are we going to cheer on for the defenses, regardless of side? I’m going to break that into two votes - one being defensive “stops” and the other being a “sack”. You know that the quarterbacks will be wearing green jerseys and there’s not really a “sack” but a one-hand touch, but it still counts for something going into the fall. Hope, maybe?

Devine Ozigbo is gone. Maurice Washington might not return. Nebraska will need to find a solid running back or backs if we’re to have a successful 2019 season. Is that what you’re watching for? Maybe Brody Belt, Wyatt Mazour, or Miles Joines will catch your eye.

This has been an odd off-season in that men’s basketball has dominated much of the media coverage. Tim Miles is gone and some new guy... Fred Hoiberg, has come to coach basketball. I suspect he’ll be introduced at the spring game. Is our thirst for a decent basketball program enough to produce the loudest cheer this year?


We’ve been doing this poll for over a decade.

Here is the history:

2017: Mike Riley’s third and final year, the poll totaled 1,114 votes. The top vote getter was Quarterbacks with accuracy and zero interceptions with 543 votes (49%). That was the landslide winner over four other options, one of which included “Shirtless Bob Diaco” that garnered 71 votes (6%).

2016: Mike Riley’s second year totaled 1,209 votes. 38% of the votes went to Quarterbacks! Armstrong and O’Brien with accuracy and zero Interceptions over 29% for “The defense force pressure in the passing game and no runs over 10 yards by the offense”.

2015: Despite the fact that 2015 was Mike Riley’s first year on the job, you voted in another landslide for quarterbacks. Again!!! Quarterbacks Quarterbacks Quarterbacks - Great Play By Quarterbacks took 43% of the 973 votes.

2014: Husker fans voted for the Newbies: Adam Taylor, Johnny Stanton, Tanner Farmer, Chongo Kondolo, Terrell Newby and Marcus Newby.

In 2013, Husker fans voted for “A linebacker closing on and wrapping up an I-back on a sweep”, by quite a large margin. The vote no doubt reflected the frustration of watching Nebraska get destroyed by Wisconsin in the previous season’s Big Ten Championship game.

In 2012, Husker fans voted for “Husker wide receivers not dropping any passes, including a nasty block from Quincy Enunwa and signs of progress from Jamal Turner ” - the description was specific but adequate given the frustration of dropped passes the previous season.

In 2011, Husker fans wanted to see “Taylor Martinez back to playmaking speed”, remembering the Martinez who exploded early in the 2010 season, becoming a Heisman prospect in process. That vote was very close as offensive line blocking was right behind Martinez in popularity.

In 2010, Husker fans were hungry for a quarterback - ANY quarterback - after having gone through the 2009 season with a championship-level defense and one of the most anemic offenses in the nation. The vote was won by “A big play by a quarterback” by a large margin.

In 2009, fans were still worried about the defense. The defense had made a significant jump during Bo Pelini’s first season but Husker fans wanted more. “The defense - a big defensive play - a big hit or turnover” won by a small margin over Ndamukong Suh.

It wasn’t hard to guess in 2008. Husker fans were just pleased that Bo Pelini was our new head coach.


For What Will We Cheer The Loudest At The 2019 Nebraska Spring Game?

This poll is closed

  • 27%
    Long Runs By A Running Back Whomever That May Be
    (120 votes)
  • 9%
    Adrian Martinez And The Quarterbacks
    (39 votes)
  • 50%
    The Defenses Making Stops Against The Offenses
    (216 votes)
  • 4%
    The Introduction of Fred Hoiberg, New Men’s Basketball Coach
    (19 votes)
  • 8%
    A "Sack" By Any Defensive Player
    (38 votes)
432 votes total Vote Now