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Nebraska Spring Football April 1 Practice Report

No foolin’ it was offensive coordinator Troy Walters at the podium today where he talked about a walk-on running back, progress of a young center and more!

This is what came up when I searched for Troy Walters in our photo galleries. I’m sorry.
Jon Johnston

Offensive coordinator Troy Walters addressed the media after practice today. Believe it or not, there was not a single question about the quarterbacks!! But for those of you in the “can he play OL?” department, there are some nuggets about a young center.

On what he wants to get out of the final two weeks

We’re pretty much done with our install, we’ve got the majority of our playbook in. Now, it’s about being precise, being detailed - finishing

So, from a mental aspect, it’s just...being dogs and love going out there competing every play and every practice...playing fast.

On how he felt about the practice today

We were okay offensively. I’ll give it up to the defense. They’re making us work. They’re bringing it every day. They’re making us work. If we don’t bring our “A” game, they’re embarrassing us. The first half of practice, they got after us. The second half of practice, we competed and did some good things.

On what he expects from the tight ends

We got a good group, but they gotta become able to stretch the field. They’re doing a good job in the run game, we’re pretty stout up front. We gotta be sure we become more weapons in the pass game. We’re going to game plan and scheme for matchups. They gotta win those...if we get that production out of them, it opens up this offense.

On whether he expected Brody Belt to stand out as much as he has

Not really. Not right away. He was on the scout squad last year, so he was down with the defense. He’s had a great shows. He takes coaching and studies the playbook. He has that grit, that “want to” that you like. He wants to be great...he plays with a chip on his shoulder...walk on, undersized. I like that.

On how the team may change when the “new guys” arrive in the summer and fall

I talked to my guys in the receiver room about that. I told them they got six more practices. If you can’t do what we’re asking, we gotta move on. We got some incoming freshman...if we gotta go find a grad transfer...we’ll do what we gotta to be successful.

On Andre Hunt

He’s matured a lot. He’s learned the playbook. Last year, he didn’t know the playbook so it slowed him down. Now, he knows it so he can use his speed...His mental toughness. Last year, he was lackadaisical, not focused at times. Now, he’s working with the ones, he’s gotta be on every rep. He’s a guy we’re going to depend on this fall.

On Cam Jurgens

He looks good. We’re making sure he’s healthy, that his foot is good. He’s athletic, powerful. Not only is he gonna get on his block, but he’s gonna create movement up front and create a new line of scrimmage...he’s still learning at center, rusty...but he’s getting caught up.

On what he’s learned about the offensive line

It’s still coming together. We’ve got some new guys and those guys have to come together. We’re rotating guys, getting looks at different guys. By fall, they’ll be in sync and on the same page. It all starts with the center. Cam is still learning...get him where he needs to be and it will help the rest of the offensive linemen.