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Nebraska Spring Football Practice Report -March 27

One defensive lineman was mentioned by both Coach Frost and Coach Chinander for his leadership, the captains got the team together before Monday’s practice, and is there a leader in the backup quarterback race?

Jon Johnston

Coach Frost, Coach Chinander and defensive players/assistants spoke with the media today after practice. As always, my “quotes” are typed in real time and I don’t go back to listen to the audio to check that they are exact. They should be regarded as a decent paraphrase. If you are curious about a particular quote, let me know in the comments and I’ll check on it for exact wording.

The first 30 minutes of Wednesday’s practice was open to media. Here are a few tweets from that period and a photo gallery from the Omaha World Herald (there are some nice photos in there):

There were ‘cruits at practice too!

Photos: Husker spring football practice March 27 | Football |
Scott Frost and Nebraska held the second open media session of spring football practice on Wednesday March 27, 2019.

Head Coach Scott Frost

On Maurice Washington

“We’ve been trying to keep him as close to as normal schedule as possible...he had a full day today...he’s been limited - he’s got bigger fish to fry.”

On the o-line “It’s still working itself out but there are some guys doing some good things.” Will Farniok and Boe Wilson (and I think a couple other names) were mentioned specifically when it came to the interior positions that are up for grabs.

On improvements from Year 1

“I’ve seen vast improvement from spring ball last year, but we have work to do. Down there [at UCF] we saw the biggest improvement in the second fall camp...I expect that here too.”

On Wandale Robinson

“He’s not 100%, but he’s looking pretty good at 80% or wherever he’s at.”

On Darrion Daniels

“He’s making plays on the field, but that’s not the most impressive part. It’s hard for someone to change schools and come in and be a leader, but he’s doing that...he’s really solidified that d-line.”

On what he’ll focus on in the last half of spring ball

“Just continued improvement...get better at the little details...we aren’t seeing the assignment busts...the little details that make the defense work...the details that help the offense...we have to keep moving forward.”

Re: above tweet

“The captains had a thing Sunday where they got everyone back together...that’s the sign of a mature team that wants to make things happen...”

On recruiting

“We’re going to get as many of them here for the spring game as we can.”

On whether there is a true backup quarterback

“It’s a true competition...Noah Vedral is doing some good things...that one will continue through fall camp.”

On Hank Bounds

“I can’t say enough good things about him...he’s a one of the best leaders I’ve been around and we’ll miss him...I’m confident where everything is going.”

On a depth chart

“We won’t make a depth chart until the week before the first game.”

Defensive Coordinator Erik Chinander

On the level of competition and whether guys are embracing it

“I know [at the end of live practice] that every yard was hard fought...the offense had some good plays...the defense had some good plays...”

On goal-line reps

“Every week in practice you’re trying to simulate a red zone goal’s hard to simulate those reps...we try to get as many of those as we can...try to bank those reps for when they’re needed in live games.”

On how the defense is processing plays

“Number one, they know what we want from practice...the tempo and to move in and out of things...they’re playing the game within the game...they don’t have to think about the assignment, they know they’re assignment, they can think about their keys and read the play.”

On Darrion Daniels

“He has done a good job mastering his craft, physically. Leadership-wise, he has brought us a whole new level...when he talks everyone listens.”

On the captain’s practice

“It’s great they had themselves together Sunday...get a little pre-work before everyone gets back to made a better practice Monday. That is often a throwaway practice to be honest, but they came in Monday and practiced well.”

On what has jumped out to him about mentality

“They’re operating faster mentally...I think they are hunting the ball...I thought we were a poor tackling team last year, but we’re better...we’re moving in the right direction.”

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