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Bill Moos - Nebraska Basketball Presser Recap

We’re “not close” to having a new Nebrasketball coach.

Akron v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

Nebraska athletic director Bill Moos had a press conference at 4:00 pm central to announce that Tim Miles had been fired and to provide an update on the status of hiring a next head coach.

The biggest news:

Nebraska has not hired a new head coach. Moos stated that he is “not close” to hiring a coach so take that for what you will.

Is Fred Hoiberg in the bag? Not according to Moos. Moos stated that he had been in contact with “three or four” coaches including three of whom are on his legendary list. One of those coaches is Fred Hoiberg.

Moos stated he expects that it will take 7-14 days before Nebraska completes the process of hiring a head basketball coach. I’m sure the 7-14 days will seem like a lifetime to Nebrasketball fans.

Moos was asked about what he looks for in a head coach. One direct quote - “Whoever gets this job is going to be a known and successful recruiter.” He also talked about consistency. He felt that Nebraska should be good at every sport, that coaches who win Big Ten titles are “safe”.

Moos said he met with other Nebraska coaches about Miles because the athletic department is “close knit.” Moos: “I think in this whole department, we’re a family. ... These are tough decisions.”

He also re-iterated that he wanted the coaches and players to finish the season before making a decision on Miles. He talked about how the basketball season went poorly after the loss to Michigan State. He also asked everyone to have patience.


Bill Moos is adept at handling the media. He’s cordial. He mentions media members by name (sometimes) when they ask a question. He has a great sense of humor, responding to at least one media member, “I’ve read your stuff” and bringing up the “Philadelphia sandwich” when Moos made a trip there to meet with Scott Frost.