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Frosted Flakes: Hank Bounds Is Leaving While Tim Miles Is Still Around

The soap opera continues....

Rutgers v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

Hank Bounds Is Leaving Dear Old Nebraska U

Bounds to step down as NU president | Nebraska Today | University of Nebraska–Lincoln

A Mississippi native, Bounds became NU’s seventh president on April 13, 2015 and helped guide the university through a period of transformational collaboration and momentum. He will step down late this summer and return to the south with his family. Bounds said that after more than 20 years in executive roles, he had decided to spend his time differently going forward.

It wasn’t the University announcement we expected and it feels like it came out of the blue. Take a look at the article linked above and what you’ll find is an impressive list of accomplishments.

The question is - does this hurt the university? And by the university, do you include more than athletics?

It always hurts an organization when you lose a good leader. There’s so much drama around the athletic department and the university as a whole right now that it’s easy to get caught up in this being something more than a guy wanted to slow down and move back to where he’s from.

Consider all that’s going on:

  • You have a university going through budget cuts
  • You have leaks in the athletic department to the point that articles are being written about our next basketball coach when the current one hasn’t been fired
  • You have a prodigal son who returned home because he felt the right leadership was in place

You could generate conspiracy theories out of this and join in the never-ending drama that is Husker sports, or you can take it at face value; that Bounds is tired of working all of the time and missing being part of his family’s lives.

Should you worry?

Yes, you should worry that this becomes more drama, more than it is, which is a normal part of how the world operates these days. Look at twitter, everyone is insane, opinions are over the top because those are the people who get the most attention.

In the real world people come and go. They don’t stay in their positions forever.

Bounds will stick around until mid-August, which means he will be part of the transition to a new leader, so the guy who helped remove Eichorst and bring in Scott Frost will be part of the decision process on who’s next.

Tim Miles Twists In The Wind

Nebraska basketball season is over and we have still not formally learned the fate of Tim Miles. It’s leading to comments like this:


Yesterday clearly wasn’t a good time to make an announcement. It would have taken focus away from the Bounds announcement.

Perhaps we will hear of Miles’ fate at Nebraska today.

How Is Your Bracket?

Heyooooooooo! How’s your bracket doing!? Mine is absolutely great! Wonderful!

Or not.

According to our bracket group at ESPN, I rank around 11,000,000th. I am in the 36% of all bracket filler outers.

Compare that to someone named podziand000 in our group and I am a horrible, awful bracket picker. That person ranks around 85,000th. They have picked 99.5% of the games correctly. I am wondering if this person is a time traveller.

The rotten son tells me his rank is around 9,000. I know that he got all of his picks right on the first day, and I read somewhere on ESPN that the very first game - Minnesota vs Louisville - dropped perfect brackets from 100 to 31 percent. HAHAHAHAHAH.

We ended up with 82 people in the Corn Nation group. Not bad, considering we haven’t done this in a while.


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Speaking of Twitter and Narcissists

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Then There’s This

More Seniors Looking to Marijuana for Age-Related Ailments | KTLA

Indeed, many industry officials say the fastest-growing segment of their customer base is people like Atkin — aging baby boomers or even those a little older who are seeking to treat the aches and sleeplessness and other maladies of old age with the same herb that many of them once passed around at parties.

Woooooohooooooooo give me some edibles! Just not all at once!

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