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Nebraska Spring Football March 25 Practice Report

Offensive Coordinator Troy Walters talked about how the team came back after spring break

Illinois v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

The Husker football team resumed spring practices today after a week off for spring break. Offensive coordinator Troy Walters took to the podium to update the media.

As always - these are not exact quotes. I’m typing in real time and don’t go back to double check against the recorded audio. If you have a question about something or want specific wording, let me know in the comments and I’ll get it for you.

Offensive Coordinator Troy Walters

On coming back over spring break...”They were crisp. We aren’t always sure what they are doing during that time, but it was obvious they took care of themselves...last year it took 2 or 3 days to get back into it after spring break.”

“But we gotta have another good day Wednesday. We can’t have just one good day”.

On Maurice Washington “He’s out he’s doing a good job. That’s all I can say.”

On the other running backs “we feel like we have some depth at that position. We just gotta continue to find roles...”

On Wandale Robinson “He’s an awesome kid. He’s a football junkie. He comes in extra, puts in extra time.”

On Adrian Martinez and where he has improved the most “His leadership. Stepping up and demanding the best out of everyone around him. He has raised his bar and we gotta be sure we raise ours.” Coach Walters went on to talk about some of the NFL quarterbacks he played with and how they demanded the best out of their teammates.

On leadership from receivers and if JD Spielman is more of a lead-by-example receiver. “He is, he is quiet. But I’ve told him that he will have to step up more vocally.”

ON what is special about JD “He’s a gamer. When the ball comes his way, he’s gonna find a way to make a play. He’s stronger than he looks...he’s tough. He makes plays. The challenge he has is to learn the entire offense so we can line up him all over so the defense can’t double him...won’t know where he’s gonna line up.”

That is it for today’s practice report. Happy Monday Corn Nation!