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Join The Corn Nation NCAA Basketball Tourney Bracket Challenge

Let’s have fun with this tourney we’re not part of.

Florida State v Michigan Photo by Harry How/Getty Images


We’re going to do a NCAA Tourney Bracket Challenge. I realize Nebraska didn’t make the tourney, but that just means you’re open to doing what I do every year - rooting for Chaos, Mayhem, and Tears of Blood from those fans whose teams fail miserably.

Right now, the winner will receive bragging rights, although I am working on some potential prizes.


Join the group on ESPN.

Make your picks — traditional ESPN scoring rules apply.

Two entries per user — This gives you the chance to be upset-picking goofy and serious with your brackets.

Sign up now until the first tip on Thursday.


I am still working on some prizes. For now, you will win bragging rights, and if I know our community well, that will be worth more than any prize we can give away, right?