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Big Ten Basketball And Inane Offseason Question Game Thread

There’s no baseball this weekend. There is still discussion.

Nebraska v Baylor
Look! A Cheerleader!
Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

There is more basketball today! It just doesn’t involve Nebraska, unfortunately. It would have been nice, but our magical run ended yesterday in the 66-62 loss to those bastards from Wisconsin.

Today’s games:

#1 Michigan State vs #4 Wisconsin - 12 PM Central

#7 Minnesota vs #3 Michigan - 2:30 PM Central

These are televised and streamed on CBS!

Inane Offseason Question

I can’t help but notice that other media outlets have been posing questions to Husker fans this offseason. They’re the same questions that get asked, over and over. I don’t think the answers change much, but I’m old. Perhaps they’re new to young people. Perhaps this is why old people get so cranky.

I am talking about the following questions:

  • What was your first Husker game?
  • Who was the best Nebraska running back of all time? (Quarterback, tight end, lineman, blah blah blah)
  • If you could change a single play in Husker history, what would it be?
  • What is your favorite color related to Nebraska sports?
  • Do you order the same damned thing every time you go to Subway?

I don’t want Corn Nation to be left out of asking such questions. Therefore, I have your inane offseason question open for your discussion this weekend. There is no baseball. Take your time. Be creative.

What is the most significant/outlandish thing you’ve promised God while praying for a Nebraska victory?

If you’re an atheist, lie.

Don’t turn this into a religious discussion. Turn it into a fun discussion. You can do it.

For Further Discussion: Bill Moos’ statement on Tim Miles’ future

Nebraska Athletic Director Bill Moss released a statement that he would decide Miles’ fate after the season is over. This has lead to much derision of Moos for not making a decision RIGHT NOW so that Miles and his team would not be left in limbo.

I contend it wouldn’t matter. Media would complain whether Moos made a statement or not. There was no win in this for Moos.

Your thoughts?