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Nebraska Baseball Series Against New Mexico State Canceled This Weekend

It will be nice again some day.

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See that green grass? See those people sitting on the berm? THOSE DAYS WILL COME AGAIN! Just not today. Or this weekend. Or this month, maybe.
David McGee

Your Nebraska Athletic Department Wants You to Know....

New Mexico State Series Canceled

The Nebraska Athletic Department on Wednesday announced that the three-game series against New Mexico State has been canceled due to field conditions. The series was originally scheduled for Friday, Saturday and Sunday at Hawks Field.

The athletic department will issue refunds to the ticket holder on record for all tickets purchased through the Ticket Office to the New Mexico State games.

Some day the sun will shine and the grass will be green again. Some day all the snow will be gone and the ponds of water where they’re not supposed to be will disappear.

You’ll be able to walk around in your shorts and get a tan. Maybe even a sunburn.

Unfortunately, that is not today. Or this weekend.


Until then, you might as well sit around and drink Guinness.