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Nebraska Spring Football March 13 Practice Report

Coach Chinander talks defense and JoJo Domann’s versatility

NCAA Football: Minnesota at Nebraska Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

The defense was grilled by the press today with defensive coordinator Erik Chinander taking the podium.

As usual, I am typing “quotes” in real time. I do not go back and listen to ensure they are 100% accurate.

Coach Dewitt mentioned that he has lost about 45 lbs since starting treatment, but says the doctors are giving him an excellent prognosis ~95% chance of being cancer-free.

Erik Chinander

“I thought the offense got up early, but we huddled...finished practice strong.”

On Coach Dewitt “Anytime he comes out there, it puts a smile on my face...the kids enjoy it too...we love it when we get to see him”

“The guys know how to practice, they know how to transition from drill to drill...the stamina is better too...the strength and conditioning has a huge part of that...I think the tempo of practice is the most impressive thing right now”

On the defensive line “It’s a deep group now...there’s a ton of guys...”

(at that point, I got a call from my kids wondering if they should drive through a spot on the road with water over it and I missed a few minutes of the live feed)

On the outside linebackers: ”JoJo and Breon are better space guys and can set the edge...that group as a whole has got some interesting pieces, we just gotta bring everyone’s deficiencies up...

On the pass rush: “They are rushing the passer better, they understand how to rush the passer...last year they just lined up and tried to run fast around someone, but that isn’t rushing the passer”

On JoJo Domann: “I’ve been playing him all over...he’s a really talented young guy and he can play a lot of positions and we want him on the field. I’ve got to cross-train him a little bit and then we can see who rises to the occasion and move him around”