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Frosted Flakes: Scott Frost And Roster Size - Crazy? Or Good Idea?

So many new players - it brings a lot of new challenges.

NCAA Football: Colorado at Nebraska Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

See that line.... “Of 160 on the roster currently”... I’d like to call your attention to that line.

Sam McKewon did a bit about Nebraska’s roster, including that “Frost believes having all these guys Frost believes growing the roster back to where it was two decades is one of the “secret sauces” to Nebraska’s successes.”

“We have clearance to be in the 150s — probably the low 150s,” Frost said. “So I imagine there might be a little attrition, there might be some guys who don’t make it and some other things — some guys who graduate and move on.”

I know I shouldn’t argue about what Frost is doing. It’s blasphemy. It’s like complaining about Tom Osborne. It’s a good way to get Nebraskans hating you. I can’t help it. I’m a contrarian. It’s the way I’m made.

With that disclaimer out of the way... I have to admit I think Frost is crazy for having a massive roster. I understand the purpose of it - get more guys to be more competitive and you can run more reps at practice and also have more numbers to make up for potential whiffs in recruiting classes.

But it also brings potential for more problems. McKewon points out that Riley had around 130 players on his roster. Frost is looking at adding around 20-25 more. That seems like a lot more guys. I’m not talking about the approximately half-million dollars more it will cost. I am thinking about how much more management it will require.

Put it this way - someone tells you you’re going to manage 150 college-aged guys. You’re going to be ultimately responsible for everything they do. If they get into trouble in class, you’re the one that’s going to straighten it out. If they get accused of ANYTHING, you’re the guy that has to answer for it.

You might point out that Osborne had around 180-200 guys on roster his last season, but he didn’t have to deal with the internet, social media, and a world where everyone is carrying a phone with a camera in it. It seemed to be a more forgiving world compared to where we’re at now with people appearing to look very hard for reasons to be offended.

The walk-on program has a mythos that Husker fans cling to as tightly as possible. There’s also a tendency to believe that if Nebraska does the same things it did during the 90s that success will come. I admit, I’m skeptical, but I hope the extra guys are worth it.

Time To Add Another Buyout I Guess

Athletic department close to cleaning the slate on buyouts

At the end of February, the Nebraska Athletic Department will have three football buyouts off the books.

Well, the timing is perfect, isn’t it? It looks like the athletic department is going to add another buyout in the not too distant future.

That’s sad.

Hate on Tim Miles all you want. Talk about his seven years of not very good basketball, but while you’re doing that, realize that this isn’t a seven year thing. For some of us, it’s been around 40 years of the same mediocrity. I realize that Nebraska cannot just quit trying to have a good basketball program, but I am coming to the conclusion that it’s never going to happen and that I should stop worrying about it.

Baseball season will start soon. It’s less than 10 days away. Nebraska will go off to play UC Riverside and Oregon State to start the season. Fans will start screaming about firing Ted Silva, the pitching coach as the season starts. Boy, that will be different!

This Is Stupid

Coach didn’t run Briles interview past USM leadership first -

Amid public outrage over courting the former Baylor coach, Jay Hopson then publicly disagreed with a university statement.

Southern Miss interviewed former Baylor ass-wipe Art Briles. That didn’t go well, despite Hopson releasing a statement that Briles “ a man that seemed sincere & humble in his interview & personally he committed no crime.”

Brain dead. Tone deaf. Whatever you want to call it. I believe in second chances, too, if you’re under 18 and did something out of utter stupidity. When you’re 63 years old and you repeatedly looked the other way because it was expedient and because you believe you know better than anyone, you should accept the fact that no one wants you around anymore.


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Then There’s This

Carriers selling your location data: It was worse than we thought - The Verge

Remember last month, when we learned that AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint had not immediately fulfilled their promises to stop selling the real-time location of your phone to shady third-parties, and a black market had sprung up to meet the demands of even shadier individuals who might like to know where you are?

I plan on spending this entire off-season terrifying every last one of you with this stuff.

Photo series asks teens to edit photos until they're 'social media ready' - INSIDER

A photo series has shown the lengths some young people go to to edit their appearance before posting pictures on social media platforms like Instagram — and the results are pretty shocking.

This is rather terrifying.

If you’re one of those people for whom everything is cut and dried or black and white, then the answer is simple. Just tell young people they’re beautiful as they are, as God made them, and that they should get off social media and POOF! You’ve solved the problem.

If you see the world as shades of grey, then you realize that the solution is much more difficult. You cannot just tell a young person to stay off their phone; us old people who invented everything they use have been so manipulative it will not work. Perhaps you can show them articles like this that will inform them as to how self-defeating a need to be liked can be.

You guys got any good ideas?